Will a Pap Smear Show a Yeast Infection ?

Pap Smear
by Old Shoe Woman

Well, if you are looking for natural remedies to treat your yeast infection, then here is something that you must first know.
Yeast Infection And Abnormal Pap Smear We all have this yeast like, tiny little fungus called Candida Albicans in our body. But they never cause problem till certain conditions that render an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria and make the Candida to overgrow and multiply themselves with no control. That is what causes the infection starting with itching and rashes which gradually turn into various other uncomfortable conditions.

Cure Your Yeast Infection, 100% Guaranteed

So, what are that certain conditions that causes the imbalance?

Now this is important as they are the root causes of the infection and on which natural remedies focus on. And there are many conditions but the most common are poor nutrition, poor hygiene, oral contraception, wearing wet clothing (especially causes by sweat) for long periods, menstruation etc. Note that the fungus cannot multiply themselves without these right conditions.

That explains why drugs treatment cannot eliminate yeast infection completely

The simple answer is because drugs or creams applied to the affected area only treated the infection symptoms and not the root cause. Hence, using drugs and cream for prolonged period will only make the fungus become more resistant to them while you may notice a temporary relief. But eventually, the yeast will come back!

But is it possible to completely eradicate yeast infection without using drugs?

The simple answer is yes as natural remedies focus on the root cause of the infection. But you may need a combination of two or more of these natural remedies to make it works depending on the severity of your yeast infection.

The Danger of Chronic Yeast Infection

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Question by Anny: How do I get through a pap smear without getting tense?
I am 22 and getting a pap smear two days after my 23rd birthday. This will be the 3rd one I’ve ever gotten. The first for some reason didn’t hurt, and the last one hurt a lot and caused me to bleed.

I am nervous and dreading this. I want to not go but I know it’s necessary so I am making myself go through it.

I have a hard time relaxing during a pap smear. Any ideas on how I can relax so it does not hurt this time?

Best answer:

Answer by DLA
practice makes perfect

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5 Responses to “Will a Pap Smear Show a Yeast Infection ?”

  1. kk Says:

    its alomost impossible they tell me to kepp everything from the waist down relax by focusing on my breathing through your nose out your mouth it helps me

  2. Amazing Says:

    tell the dr your tense and see if they can be easy on ya

  3. akablueeye Says:

    The more tense you are, the more it will hurt…your nervousness makes all your muscles tense up including the vaginal muscles.

    Try cleansing deep breaths slowly, in through your nose and out your mouth to relax. Or perhaps, bring your ipod and listen to your favorite song during the procedure.

    No doubt,its an uncomfortable procedure for us women, but it only lasts for a few moments thank god. Also, mention to your doctor how tense you get..if he can’t empathize with your feelings, find a new doc.

  4. Terri Says:

    Just be sure to tell your doctor its hard for you to relax. Then when its time, take slow deep breaths, concentrate on the ceiling, and thing of a happy place while breathing out and in.

    I’ve had pap smears from age 11 till age 35 (now).

  5. cutekitten Says:

    mine hurt bad too

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