What Happens During a Pap Smear

Pap Smear
by Davao Today

Going to the gynecologist can often times be a scary thing. However, it is a good thing to know ahead of time what to expect once you are there. One gynecology problem is related to a pap smear. If you get a call from your gynecologist saying you had an abnormal pap smear you may want to know more about what he/she is talking about.

Your cervix is just a few inches inside of your vagina. You will be asked to undress either completely or from the waist down for the procedure. A speculum is inserted so that your doctor can more easily get to your cervix. Cell samples are taken with a small brush or spatula. This is usually painless and is sometimes undetectable by the patient.

Since women are at a greater risk for cervical cancer and HPV when sexually active, the frequency that she needs to get a pap smear depends on how sexually active she is. It is recommended for most women to get themselves tested every year while others who have normal results for consecutive years may reduce their pap tests to once every three years.

A pap smear is a procedure that is necessary to check for abnormalities and cervical cancer. A pap smear may be done at an annual exam when you go to the gynecologist. This is done relatively quickly and is often times painless. However, you may experience a menstrual type cramp while the doctor gets the sample. The doctor may use a small, soft brush to obtain the sample from your cervix.

Vitamin A is very important for mucous membrane tissue, that is the tissue that lines the vagina, respiratory tract and digestive tract. It is also a powerful antioxidant to prevent free radical damage. As for the conventional approaches, I much prefer the prevention and improve immune function approach because there are no risks involved and there are many benefits.

You may wonder what exactly a Pap smear will test for. One of the most important things that this test will determine is cervical cancer. A Wills Point nurse practitioner at an east Texas health clinic will let each woman know if her results are abnormal and what else needs to be done at this point. However, an abnormal result does not guarantee that you have cancer. Sometimes, the cells can be abnormal for various other reasons and a recheck will reveal normal results.

Secondly, wear socks. For many years, I was told to relax when lying on that crackly paper on that cold doctor’s bed in a freezing cold room. It’s hard to relax when there is a metal or plastic object in your vagina and it is not foreplay. Try adding a temperature that’s several degrees below your comfort level. Simply wearing socks helps warm up your entire body and you can relax a little more.

“The best way to guarantee the eradication of abnormal cervical cells is by conization, the removal of the portion of the cervix in which they are located. But since this procedure may result in bleeding, infection, and perhaps reduce your chances of having a baby at some later date because of scarring, it should be reserved for severe cases,” Rosenfeld said.

The main reason to have a cervical smear is to monitor the health of the cervix, and to lower the number of women who contract cervical cancer. The smear is targeted to detect early strains of potentially cancerous cells. If caught in time, women’s health may not suffer terribly, and the growth of the cancer may not progress further. However, a cervical smear is just a screening process; it won’t detect all forms of cancer, all of the time.

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Question by Rebecca: Pap Smear…?
am i in danger if i haven’t had pap smear for the past 4 years? my partner and i never had sex with anyone before. do all women should undergo pap smear?

Best answer:

Answer by philygrl72
Have you ever had one?

You should be having a pap smear EVERY year regardless. This is sooooooo important.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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  26. BabeHeart Says:

    Every adult woman should have a pap smear yearly, whether she is sexually active or not (but especially if she is). Pap smears check for cancer and pre-cancerous cells, and also help make sure everything “down there” looks and is working properly.

    Also, if you are having sex hopefully you are on birth control…and typically to get b/c you must have a yearly pap before your doc will write you a prescription for it.

  27. Reality Check, Please! Says:

    ALL sexually active women, regardless of the number of partners, should have ANNUAL pap smears. Just because you were both virgins and/or are each other’s only partner, does NOT mean for one minute that you still can’t have gynecological problems.

    Cervical cancer is not caused exclusively by the HPV virus; and there are other problems that you may be completely unaware of that aren’t caused by anything other than Nature having a bad day.

    Get in to a doctor and get your annual!

  28. Wicca_chick Says:

    You should start getting a pap by the time you become sexually active or using birth control.
    The purpose for a pap is not just about sex and std’s it is also to check for any infections that are caused by bactiera and to screen for cancer or any cervical changes.
    You should make an appointment for one immediately.

  29. Yralda F Says:

    You should have a yearly pap even if you’re not sexually active. If you havent had any partners your BF doesnt mean you are in the clear. Paps tell you if you have abnormal cells that could potentially turn cancerous among other things. You can find a low cost clinic in your at the link below. Also, talk to your BF about using contraceptives. You dont want to have to make a harder decision later on if you become pregnant and you’re not ready for it. Tell your boyfriend to get a test too. This way, you both can make sure both of you are ready to have sex without any worries.

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