Teen Pregnancy Pre Natal Concerns and Suggestions

Pregnancy is a course of rebirth for every woman as she comes a full circle of life at this point. She is giving birth to a new body and soul. Teen pregnancy especially needs the right guidance. The kind of life and diet you lead defines the health and life of your baby during the pregnancy period.

Whom To Contact During Teen Pregnancy?

Constant pre-natal care from your doctor, nutrition experts and clinic as well as family and friends is one of the basic things to be followed. Drinking and smoking should be avoided at all costs as it causes irreparable damage to the little one inside. Drugs prescribed by the doctor are the only ones to be taken. A balanced and nutritional diet should be top priority. Teenage pregnancies are always laden with the risks of going back to drugs, smoking; as a result the babies develop immature organs/systems, even retardation in many cases and the most dominant, early death during infancy.

Correct Nutrition and Medication during Teen Pregnancy:

Since, a teenager’s body is still growing, it is necessary to eat the right amount of pregnancy diet that is essential for you as well as your baby. Correct composition of vitamins and minerals are required mainly in case of a teen pregnancy. It is normal to gain 25-30 pounds during pregnancy and the minimum intake of calories per day should be no less than 300.Gaining weight is much more important if you want to breastfeed the child. Never skip meals and avoid junk food as much as possible as the have very little or no nutrient value at all. If you cannot afford nutritious food, inform your health care providers and ask them for advice and they will enroll you into the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program.


The prevalence of teenage pregnancy is the highest in the U.S and most of such pregnancies end up in premature deliveries or abortions. Most of them are unintended. No strenuous exercises should be done during this period, but a brisk walk for 15-20 minutes or a game of basketball would be fine. The main cause of teenage pregnancy is the lack of knowledge and awareness. Every parent should discuss the pros and cons of having teenage pregnancies. School education has led to a 10% decrease in teenage pregnancy. Even though it is good to see this, we should understand that a teenage mother-to-be needs extra support and care, as they are incapable of handling the stress of teenage pregnancy. As they are not educated enough, many teenagers do not understand the problem associated with teenage pregnancy and smoking/drinking and intake of drugs. Therefore, all they require during this hard time is to get the unconditional and unending support and advice of their gynecologist and family as well as loved ones. Therefore, teenage pregnancy can be done away with proper communication and education about it, but until that time all the teenage pregnancies and the teenage mothers need to be handled with all the care and love possible.

The information provided in this article is not intended to substitute medical information and guidance. Please consult your pregnancy doctor or health care provider for more information or before following any treatment, activity or exercise mentioned herein.

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Question by volleyballpro129: Teen Pregnancy?
Hi, my name is Caitlin. I am planning on writing a story about teen pregnancy. If you were a pregnant teen, are a pregnant teen, or witnessed teen pregnancy, and would like to help, tell me your story. (no personal info will be used.)
Please please help me if you have a story to tell.
Please use details!! Thankyou sooo much!!

Best answer:

Answer by ♥chyeahh, it’s me♥
Well, I got pregnant when I was 18. I had 3 months of my senior year of highschool left. (I DID graduate by the way)… I got pregnant after having sex with my boyfriend of 1 month! We had a rocky relationship because I was a crabby pregnant biotch! LOL! We ended up getting together for good when I was 5 months pregnant.. we got a house together.. we got married.. had our baby girl… Got pregnant again and we are still very much in love! .. He has a good job and I am going to school this fall for nursing. Our daughters are 11 months apart.. Our oldest is 19 months old and our youngest is 8 months old.

BUT, teen pregnancy’s dont always work out that way. I was lucky to have all the support I had… and very lucky to have a man put up with my crap (from being a crabby pregnant girl) and for him to be a great daddy and stick around to help raise his kids… Most teenage dads dont. .. My husband is 21 and I will be 21 in august!

What do you think? Answer below!

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33 Responses to “Teen Pregnancy Pre Natal Concerns and Suggestions”

  1. ljsmixbox44 Says:

    in your case i hope you’re right,but today all teens think about is sex.if it’s not movies..it’s the music or songs they listen too.i’m sorry to say that teens don’t wait anymore to get married and i’m a catholic.society is a much faster pace which leave teens with alot of “peer pressure” to make bad decisions. my sister is a nurse and she tell me teens have babies everyday and it’s not a pretty sight.all i can tell you is to take care of yourself and still believe in your dream:-)

  2. MCShellii Says:

    @ljsmixbox44 Not all teenagers have sex snd get pregnant. Some of us actually have plans to go university and wait until we’re married to even think about sex.

  3. madisonajulianalue Says:

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  4. Pupcorn06 Says:

    Ok since I want to be an author someday,I want to post stories up here but the probelm is…What if someone steals it…And one day I might want to write that story,like ya know edit it,fix it,change it,and stuff like that.But if you guys reeeaaaallllllyyy want read it,but I kinda want you too,so like you can tell me if I’m good enough,or what did you think.Anyway,just post in comments,and PLEASE give advice

  5. stripedsockxx Says:

    Ugh I hate kids! And if you fuck and get prego then guess what you have? A kid! Living and breathing just like you are! Needs food, clothes, attention just like you need. Unplannded pregacy makes the world filled with illigitamite children and uneducated parents. Geting prego isn’t cool. It’s un-cool. At my high school 1/3 get prego.

  6. PUPPYLUVE44 Says:

    @ljsmixbox44 She was on a nick show and I have noticed you group people together a lot, but besides that Im quite done with this, thank you for your opinion, we have a base in both of our opinions and that is teen pregnancy if unfortunate and needs to be lowered if not eradicated.

  7. ljsmixbox44 Says:

    isn’t she jamie spears..britney spears little sister? i did see her on a disney show or it must have seen her on the nicklelodeon channel.i know things must have fell apart when the found out she was pregnant.well i use to live in new orleans and jamile live in kentwood la.parents down south are different from parents up north where i live now.
    you’re right.. you can’t believe always trust the media because they put so much spin on it.
    that’s why i like to do my own research.

  8. PUPPYLUVE44 Says:

    @ljsmixbox44 I never said it was the parents fault. I said that when people ask why teenagers dont listen to their parents about this, I dont believe its whether they listen, the parents argument against sex isnt presented correctly. (And Jamie Lynn wasnt a disney actress, haha :p And how do you know who she blames? Do you know her personally? You cant always trust the media…)

  9. ljsmixbox44 Says:

    well for you to put the blame on parents is pretty harsh.
    i mean when teens mess up…the blame is not always on the parents.i think you should know this because you have teens that sneak out house to have sex on their own.
    another person i’m really upset with is the 16yr disney actress jamie spears that got pregnant.
    she wasn’t responsible and now she regret what she did and not one time did she blame her mother because she knew it was her fault she got gregnant.

  10. PUPPYLUVE44 Says:

    @ljsmixbox44 Im just stating my opinion that adults need to approach this subject in a certain way, that many fail to do.

  11. pochuko Says:

    Sex should be an expression of love — not something a person feels that he or she must do. If a boyfriend or girlfriend truly loves you, he or she won’t push or pressure you to do something you don’t believe in or aren’t ready for yet.

  12. ljsmixbox44 Says:

    i was just giving my opinion of how i feel about this issue. i guest the reason you’re technical with me is because what i said probablly were the things you didn’t want to hear. that’s just like teens. it’s like that commercial of a father tried to explain to his son about don’t do drugs…but his son kept saying “i know i know”.teens always know until they get in trouble.
    i’m not trying to say this to make you feel bad because i was a teen and what i said was very accurate.

  13. sweetbabyeeh Says:

    ya the film is true but only to some girls an some guys i am a teen mom an in 10th grade i love my little girl an ya skool is harder now but im not gona jus guit bc i hav a child i am finishing skool an when i get the idea that it would just be easier to just quit i look in my little girls eyes an remind my self why i cant quit she is only 3 months old an i know i need an education to take care of her an her dad is in her life an he lovs her an my boyfriend likes her an so do my friends an famly

  14. PUPPYLUVE44 Says:

    @ljsmixbox44 But I didn’t say parents didn’t explain, I said they didnt explain right

  15. ljsmixbox44 Says:

    i understand what you’re saying but i have to disagree on parents don’t explain.
    i have to say that kids just doesn’t want to share their private life with their parents.that’s why it seem like parents don’t have the time are they don’t understand etc..
    real parents are here on this earth to take care of their own.but they need their kids to open up to them.to many kids think their parents SUPPOSE to know .
    i know because i didn’t tell my parents all what i should have.

  16. PUPPYLUVE44 Says:

    @ljsmixbox44 The reason it seems like adults dont understand is because a lot of them dont explain what your attempting to, right. And saying it with contempt (which is how it sounds) encourages it.

  17. TheMissypenny Says:

    @xxxKatelxxx they all say that!!!

  18. jennie18sp Says:

    @xxxKatelxxx hi i am jenny i am 15 and pregnat im afraid to tell my mom
    please help

  19. FamGuitarist Says:

    Condom damn it

  20. blaby4ever Says:

    thats why theres steve wilkos

  21. KRUNKandROWDY Says:

    i love how everyone’s posting comments on how they’re pregnant and they know someone who’s pregnant on a psa about teen pregnancy.. that’s what the real message is…
    just saying..

  22. ljsmixbox44 Says:

    i’m not a teen and was lucky to not get a girl pregnant when she was a teen. i blieve kids are sex crazy it’s a shame…it doen’t make society any better…it just make it worst.
    and why would 2 teens give up their life dream of having a career by having children at a young age.their’s one thing i do know..you can’t teach teens about protected sex.they wanna do it their way and their way is without comdoms and with out birth control pills.(they rather take a gamble on life)

  23. mistajames3213 Says:

    @ljsmixbox44 Or, y’know, be smart. Use birth control and condoms together, and use them properly. Teach teens to inquire about their partner’s sexual history, and not to avoid diagnosis (and treatment) for STDs. Problem solved.

    Seriously. There’s a reason why US has such massive teenage pregnancy rates, despite teens reporting to have significantly less sex than Canadian and European teens.

  24. Radl0activE Says:

    @DustyxxInsanity the first didn’t, the second got pregnant

  25. ReneeSaniya Says:

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  26. heather p Says:

    I am the child of a teen-mom. I am now 32, and she is going on 48. We are not close, we never were. I was the reason her life was sidetracked and why she was not able to ever “be a kid”. She went on to make terrible decisions about the men in our lives and she was always needing to work to take care of us. She was divorced twice with three kids by the time she was 23. Has not remarried and she doesn’t have a healthy relationship with any of her children. If you would like a longer version you can e mail me.

  27. ttc#2 Says:

    i got pregnant my senior year of HS i was 18 by my bf of 4 years. when i found out i was shocked , a 2wks later after i found out i told my parents who werent supportive at all. everything was going fine until i told them , they yelled at me cussed at me and even threw me out of the house. i was so stressed about everything my parents who i loved turned their backs on me when i needed them the most, i couldnt take it anymore, with all the stress i went through i ended up having a miscarrage i was so devestated i was angry towards my parents but they acted like nothing happened

  28. Chloe B Says:

    Hi, when i was young i went off the rails and got in to the wrong crowd, when i was 15 i moved in with my bf who was 28 at the time, only a month later i found out i was pregnant, then the abuse started, he would hit me and kick me, he drank all the time but i thought when the baby was born he would change, well he did abit then i would out when my baby was 7weeks old that i was pregnant again, and the abuse started again, i remember one day sat on the bed with my baby in my arms and he came up behind me and kicked me in the back and i flew off the bed and nearly dropped the baby. after 2.5 years of putting up with it i moved out, and found some one else after being together 6 month i get pregnant and we were happy until he started drinking more, and wanting to got out to the pub more with his mates, he was never abusive but i had seen it before and couldn’t risk it so i left him, i am now 21 with 3 children aged 2,4-)

  29. LIsa B Says:

    When I was 15, I got pregnant with my boyfriend of 2 months, I didn’t tell him because I was afraid that he will dump me, so I went and told his parents and they said that they would support me, and I made them promise that they wouldn’t tell him. And I went and told my parents and they were the same and they supported me with any decision I made. And because of my pregnancy we had to move to Ireland. And recently I meet him again and I was getting worried that he will find and he did I brought my son with me on holiday and we meet him and he kind find out and we had I fight about it.

  30. veronica m Says:

    I was 14 when I had my first child. I wasn’t slutty or into drugs, I was just lonely and my mom was never around and an older guy said he loved me (only 4 years older though). So, I slept with him. He was mentally challenged but I didn’t know because I was just a kid, so I figured he just needed time to grow up. We had an on and off relationship for many years. I lived with my aunt from the time my daughter was about 9 months, until she was almost 3. I couldn’t live with my mom because she was so dirty. I couldn’t live with my boyfriend because his family hated me. I graduated highschool, moved in with my daughters father, got pregnant again, married him. Moved to Ohio, realised I HATED him. He was abusive. He would spit on me, flick cigarette ashes on me…he stole our daughters money and kicked her down the porch steps…so I left him. I ran into a friend from middle school, got pregnant right away. Like really, it was our second time in bed together and only a week of hanging out, we weren’t even dating yet, lol. I got a divorce from the father of my first 2. I was pregnant again with my 4th child before before the divorce went through though, my lawyer was retarded. So I have 2 kids with my current husband, but my older 2 consider him their father. I have no contact with my first husband. My second child doesn’t even know my first husband isn’t his dad. We’re doing ok. Pretty happy. Hubby’s in the Navy.

    I have a friend who wasn’t as lucky as me. The father of her first child was MUCH older than her. He was black, she is white. Her parents dis-owned her. She had no place to live so she stayed with friends. She was too young to work. She was turned on to the life of drugs and prostitution. She has made an effort to better herself, but currently has 4 kids by 4 different fathers, has been in many abusive relationships, has a job but also gets governmant help. Her life would have been better if her parents would have been there for her.

    My cousin was 14 when she had her first baby too. She gave the baby to her mom so she could be a crackhead. Had another baby, gave that bay to the father. Got pregnant again, it died at 7months gestation. Her daughter was back and forth between my cousins sister and mother and has been around drugs and sex and the girl is 13 now. She is not a very nice girl now, but I don’t blame her.

    My other cousin (first ones sister) had over 5 abortions that I know of. She now has 2 kids. She JUST left the guy she was with since she was 9. He was 19 when they started dating. Ew, right? Lots of drugs in that situation.

    My other friend got pregnant a lot but had tons of miscarriages until finally found out she can’t carry a baby because of the shape (or position) of her uterus. I think it has affected her self esteem a lot, she would have been a teen mom though too. But she has 2 jobs and is in college now.

    Her sister is a teen mom. Her mother was a teen mom. Her 4 siblings (and her neice who is a baby) all still live with their mother, but they’re teen agers. Except my friend who is in her 20′s, but she is only living there because she’s paying for college. When my friend was a kid she had to babysit while her mother worked. she was babysitting when she was 7…her siblings were 6,5 and 4. Her mom was and still is a nurse and they live in a house that the mother owns. They’re out of the shitty neighborhood we grew up in.

    My other friend had a baby at 18…actually she is my ex-sister in law. Her husband is older. They are poor because he had 3 kids before they got married and has to pay child support so they never have any money. :(

    My other ex-sister in law got pregnant at 18 too, but she was tricked into giving the baby to social sevices, then she started hanging out with this drug-addict black guy, who raped and murdered her.

    My current husband has 2 nephews that are living with their maternal grandmother now. Their mother was 18, when she started having kids. She said she “couldn’t handle them”. they lived with us for 2 months, until her mother said she wanted them. I miss them :(

    My other friend who had a baby when she was 15 left the guy (don’t know why) got with another guy and had another baby and is now happily married.

    My OTHER friend who was in her late teens gave her first baby up (open adoption) but now has 1 kid wither her current husband AND is currently pregnant. She gets visits with her first son. She seems happy.

    My sister had an abortion at 16 because she “had too many party years left”. She dropped out of school anyway, was aressted for trying to rob a liquor store, served 3 years in prison and now lives with a friend. She can’t hold a job. She only calls me when she wants money.

    My neighbor had a son in her teen years. She is now in her 30′s and is married to the father of her younger 2 children. They are like 10 years younger than her first child. She is quite happy.

    Everyone’s situations are different. The people who had supportive parents and avoided drug use seem to be doing much better than the ones who had parents who discarded them. I am sure I know more teen moms but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

  31. Taylor [= Says:

    My cousin got pregnant with her first child at the age of 16. Most of my family was mad at her. Since, she was a teen and was not married. After she had her child, she was happy. and the family was not mad at her but then when she was 18 she got pregnant again. And again we were mad. She had her second child. Now from what she was experanceied she does not want to have another child until she is older and married. I dont no if it will help but there you go

  32. MoonLightDazzle Says:

    ok I have a few stories to tell. my first isabout a girl who was on the basketball team and when she was 15 found out she was pregnant the day before their team went to ths state championship for basketball. she couldn’t play obviously. she tried her best to hide her baby bump from her parents by wearing loose clothes. she kept it a secret from EVERYONE including the father. she didn’t want her boyfriend to leave her. then summer time rolled around and she was 3 and a half months pregnant and they took a vacation to the beach where finally she was forced into a swimsuit where her parents found out. they then flew straight home and kicked her out of the house. she was now on her own with a baby so she decides to go to her boyfriend. she tells him everything and he says everything is gonna be okay and he takes her to a hotel so she can stay he starts stealing money from his parents so he can pay for it. she’s now 7 months pregnant and one day he doesn’t show up. she has nothing he has left her. she gets kicked out of the hotel and is living nowhere. this causes her stress level to increase causing her to go into labor she has the baby in the middle of the bathroom floor at wal-mart. as she’s walking out of the store she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. she ends up going home and leaving the child on the front porch of her parents house. and thats the last I heard.

    next story: this I don’t know too mch detail about but wnought for a good story. ok so this girl gets pregnant at age 14 and she manages to hide the entire pregnancy by wearing baggy clothes and ignoring her parents. so one day while home alone she starts to get bad cramps and runs into her bathroom. then she climbs into the bathtub to lie down and actually lied in the tub for a nasty 6 and a half hour labor!
    and finally the baby comes out. she looks at her baby scared half to death and panicks! she examines the baby and thinks its dead so she takes a knife and stabs it ten times then she throws it into a garbage bag. she then scrubs the tub so she can get rid of evidence. then her parents come home and she casually walks past them and says “oh I’m just cleaning up a bit taking out the trash” then 2 years later
    she confesses to the wholethinh and is put into jail for murder.

    ok last story. those last two stories were about teens this one is about a lttoe girl at the age of twelve! so the girl gets knocked up by a 17 year old (yikes) and actually doesn’t know it. the girl Jat thinks she’s getting fat and starts to try to lose weight. she tries so many diets and none of them seem to be working. so finally she just stops eating all together. so now not only is she pregnant but she’s got a an eating disorder! one day she just passes out and she’s rushed to the emergency room where she then finds out she’s pregnant. she takes it well she had the baby with no problems the sad part is by age 15 she had 4 kids shes now 24 with 6 kids from 4 different fathers unmarried living at home only educated up to eigth grade and she is forcing her first child (a girl) to get pregnant and her daughters only twelve she has a seven year old boy an eight year old boy a nine and a half year old girl an eleven year old boy and a (foeced) PREGNANT twelve year old daguter. Crazy I know…

    well thats all ive got I know other people have some pretty good answers LOL I hope I helped :)

  33. Latoya Bridges Says:

    @DustyxxInsanity the first didn’t, the second got pregnant

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