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My School Essay On Teen Pregnancy

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
Teen Pregnancy
by mdmarkus66

Sample Essay

Words 1,320

1. Engagement

A. Problem: A fourteen year old girl who is pregnant and all alone with handling her condition. The family is not supporting her in this difficult time and the baby’s father is hardly around.

B. Feelings: The girl got pregnant at the age of 14 and had no clue what to do. People these days seem to talk of only two or three solutions to teen pregnancy, although most people forget another, which is adoption. This is the choice that she has made, which has turned out to be the best yet hardest decision of that she has ever made in her life. She has examined her options and considered what life would be like with a baby. She has decided that she is not yet ready (and in fact will not be ready for several years) to take care of a baby.

C. Goals:  Her goals are to learn to care for herself and the baby, continue her education, and find a job so that she can become self-sufficient

2. Data Collection

A. Problem:  A fourteen year old girl is pregnant without any family support. She is very confused and scared of what is going to happen to her between now and  the time the baby is born.

Person:  A fourteen-year-old girl who is scared and confused because she is pregnant.
Environment: Her home environment is not a very healthy one. Her parents do not approve of her being pregnant and as a result they do not support her.

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Question by Junie: What causes teen girls to ignore a pregnancy until the birth?
I’m talking about the occasional case of a young woman who somehow ignores a pregnancy until a baby suddenly arrives. This often ends in tragedy when the girl panics and abandons the child. What influences could lead to this behavior?

1) On a small scale – what sort of family dynamics might she have, what sort of personality, etc. What might pre-dispose a young woman to ignoring a pregnancy?

2) On a larger scale, is our society somehow leading to this problem? Is there such shame involved with teen pregnancy? Is it a lack of resources for mothers? Is it an emphasis on career over motherhood? Or, could it be an emphasis on avoiding abortion? Any and all ideas are welcome.
A pregnancy is often not seen as a blessing, even for women with adequate resources. Even a surprise pregnancy in a 25 year old with a job is greeted with “oh no!” by friends and family. That’s what I mean by “an emphasis on career over motherhood”.

Best answer:

Answer by uz
if the teen is really young and hasn’t started having REGULAR periods, the skipped periods may be normal for them. And some of them don’t show, or jsutify the changes enough not to realize that they really are pregnant. I know an adult woman with PCO who did not know about her pregnancy till she went into labor. I see how that could be a blessing

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Common Symptoms of Teen Pregnancy

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
Teen Pregnancy
by lisby1

When you are pregnant there will always be symptoms that will indicate that you are pregnant or not. These will help you to easily tell that you are still pregnant in the all course of this period that you will be going through. Often we have looked at the symptoms that are there in adults and have overlooked the symptoms of teen pregnancy. All is due beliefs that teen will not get pregnant in there early ages. After all these beliefs have finally become invalid because of many teen being pregnant we are finally looking at the symptoms that will help us notice the changes in there pregnancy.

Looking for these symptoms is all because we want to know that changes that are taking place in the development of the baby at there age. We are all here because of curiosity or researching on many different things that we are currently looking at. Expectation of many people is that the symptoms are going to de different from those of the adults that are pregnant. I am sorry to say that this fact is not true. Being an adult or a teenager they are all pregnant the symptoms are not of age but of the pregnancy that these two groups are carrying.

However due to the age difference there will also be some symptoms that will be due to there age. These are the only symptoms that will be different from the adults to the teenager though not many. Currently the symptoms that will be notice in Teens are as per below list:

Missed period

Frequent urination


Changes in appetite

Nausea or vomiting

Tenderness and fullness of breasts

All these are major symptoms that many will be able to experience in the course of there pregnancy. These will be in the early stages and might be different as the pregnancy grows.

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Question by yoshi: teen pregnancy?
im doing a survey for one of my college classes and i was wondering if i could get some input from other people.

what makes teen pregnancy a controversy?
why is it that teenagers are having babies at such a young age?
what do you believe are the effects on society?

Best answer:

Answer by Grace!!!
I dont think its that controversal, but if it is then it is because you would think people would get educated and not get pregnant but they still do and its so stupid. They think they know it all, they know nothing.
I think its because they are uneducated and there parents dont keep an eye on them. They think it wont happen to them and they shirk all responsability.
I think the effct on society is that the girls that have these babies expect society to look after them and most of them dont have jobs. It cant be good for society.

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Teen Pregnancy Pre Natal Concerns and Suggestions

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Pregnancy is a course of rebirth for every woman as she comes a full circle of life at this point. She is giving birth to a new body and soul. Teen pregnancy especially needs the right guidance. The kind of life and diet you lead defines the health and life of your baby during the pregnancy period.

Whom To Contact During Teen Pregnancy?

Constant pre-natal care from your doctor, nutrition experts and clinic as well as family and friends is one of the basic things to be followed. Drinking and smoking should be avoided at all costs as it causes irreparable damage to the little one inside. Drugs prescribed by the doctor are the only ones to be taken. A balanced and nutritional diet should be top priority. Teenage pregnancies are always laden with the risks of going back to drugs, smoking; as a result the babies develop immature organs/systems, even retardation in many cases and the most dominant, early death during infancy.

Correct Nutrition and Medication during Teen Pregnancy:

Since, a teenager’s body is still growing, it is necessary to eat the right amount of pregnancy diet that is essential for you as well as your baby. Correct composition of vitamins and minerals are required mainly in case of a teen pregnancy. It is normal to gain 25-30 pounds during pregnancy and the minimum intake of calories per day should be no less than 300.Gaining weight is much more important if you want to breastfeed the child. Never skip meals and avoid junk food as much as possible as the have very little or no nutrient value at all. If you cannot afford nutritious food, inform your health care providers and ask them for advice and they will enroll you into the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program.


The prevalence of teenage pregnancy is the highest in the U.S and most of such pregnancies end up in premature deliveries or abortions. Most of them are unintended. No strenuous exercises should be done during this period, but a brisk walk for 15-20 minutes or a game of basketball would be fine. The main cause of teenage pregnancy is the lack of knowledge and awareness. Every parent should discuss the pros and cons of having teenage pregnancies. School education has led to a 10% decrease in teenage pregnancy. Even though it is good to see this, we should understand that a teenage mother-to-be needs extra support and care, as they are incapable of handling the stress of teenage pregnancy. As they are not educated enough, many teenagers do not understand the problem associated with teenage pregnancy and smoking/drinking and intake of drugs. Therefore, all they require during this hard time is to get the unconditional and unending support and advice of their gynecologist and family as well as loved ones. Therefore, teenage pregnancy can be done away with proper communication and education about it, but until that time all the teenage pregnancies and the teenage mothers need to be handled with all the care and love possible.

The information provided in this article is not intended to substitute medical information and guidance. Please consult your pregnancy doctor or health care provider for more information or before following any treatment, activity or exercise mentioned herein.

Teen Pregnancy Video by me, Nick Rau teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy teen pregnancy…
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Question by volleyballpro129: Teen Pregnancy?
Hi, my name is Caitlin. I am planning on writing a story about teen pregnancy. If you were a pregnant teen, are a pregnant teen, or witnessed teen pregnancy, and would like to help, tell me your story. (no personal info will be used.)
Please please help me if you have a story to tell.
Please use details!! Thankyou sooo much!!

Best answer:

Answer by ♥chyeahh, it’s me♥
Well, I got pregnant when I was 18. I had 3 months of my senior year of highschool left. (I DID graduate by the way)… I got pregnant after having sex with my boyfriend of 1 month! We had a rocky relationship because I was a crabby pregnant biotch! LOL! We ended up getting together for good when I was 5 months pregnant.. we got a house together.. we got married.. had our baby girl… Got pregnant again and we are still very much in love! .. He has a good job and I am going to school this fall for nursing. Our daughters are 11 months apart.. Our oldest is 19 months old and our youngest is 8 months old.

BUT, teen pregnancy’s dont always work out that way. I was lucky to have all the support I had… and very lucky to have a man put up with my crap (from being a crabby pregnant girl) and for him to be a great daddy and stick around to help raise his kids… Most teenage dads dont. .. My husband is 21 and I will be 21 in august!

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