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Common Symptoms of Teen Pregnancy

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
Teen Pregnancy
by lisby1

When you are pregnant there will always be symptoms that will indicate that you are pregnant or not. These will help you to easily tell that you are still pregnant in the all course of this period that you will be going through. Often we have looked at the symptoms that are there in adults and have overlooked the symptoms of teen pregnancy. All is due beliefs that teen will not get pregnant in there early ages. After all these beliefs have finally become invalid because of many teen being pregnant we are finally looking at the symptoms that will help us notice the changes in there pregnancy.

Looking for these symptoms is all because we want to know that changes that are taking place in the development of the baby at there age. We are all here because of curiosity or researching on many different things that we are currently looking at. Expectation of many people is that the symptoms are going to de different from those of the adults that are pregnant. I am sorry to say that this fact is not true. Being an adult or a teenager they are all pregnant the symptoms are not of age but of the pregnancy that these two groups are carrying.

However due to the age difference there will also be some symptoms that will be due to there age. These are the only symptoms that will be different from the adults to the teenager though not many. Currently the symptoms that will be notice in Teens are as per below list:

Missed period

Frequent urination


Changes in appetite

Nausea or vomiting

Tenderness and fullness of breasts

All these are major symptoms that many will be able to experience in the course of there pregnancy. These will be in the early stages and might be different as the pregnancy grows.

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Question by yoshi: teen pregnancy?
im doing a survey for one of my college classes and i was wondering if i could get some input from other people.

what makes teen pregnancy a controversy?
why is it that teenagers are having babies at such a young age?
what do you believe are the effects on society?

Best answer:

Answer by Grace!!!
I dont think its that controversal, but if it is then it is because you would think people would get educated and not get pregnant but they still do and its so stupid. They think they know it all, they know nothing.
I think its because they are uneducated and there parents dont keep an eye on them. They think it wont happen to them and they shirk all responsability.
I think the effct on society is that the girls that have these babies expect society to look after them and most of them dont have jobs. It cant be good for society.

What do you think? Answer below!

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