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Will My Pap Smear Determine If I Have HPV or Genital Wart ?

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
Pap Smear
by Davao Today

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Does a colposcopy hurt for hpv?
does it hurt n make u bleed alot im scared a colposcopy is the graceful part. i’ve had it done since and there is absolutely nil to be freaked out about. a pap smear is honestly worse. what you’re worrying about is the adjectives biopsy…

Does a conventional pap smear rule out HPV?
As far as I know the way to find out if you have HPV is through a pap smear, which would be unusual. Is this correct? A Pap smear cannot communicate you definitively whether you have HPV. Only an HPV test, which can usually be…

Does a distrustful papsmear penny-pinching that one doesn´t enjoy HPV?
I could not understand whether the cancer causing HPV strains enjoy a latent period. For instance, if i have a positive smear (only a few abnormal cells), then three negative, does this mean i am free of this virus, or is there still…

Does a genital wart come subsidise surrounded by impossible to tell apart spot adjectives the time?
have one spot where a bump keep showing up…had the doc look at it once but he said it was an ingrown coat and that i should stop shaving in the puibc area. when i do shave…

Does a hpv similar to genital wart can verbs thru kissing?
im a hpv carrier.. im afraid that the virus i have will verbs to the person i kiss always… no. and once any signs of it are gone you’ve solved 90% of the problem, just always use a condom. ALWAYS! I come…

Yes, men can transmit HPV to a woman. Some strains of HPV can cause warts. Other strains of HPV can mete out cancer.No, HPV does not cause miscarriages. Well, not unless your HPV…

Does a mole and HPV look alike?
ok I am 22 and all the sudden got something that looks similar to a mole. It is on my bikini line. Its not on my vigina but on my leg. I am scared to meditate that It could be something but I do shave so…

Does a negative/normal papsmear suggest I don’t own HPV?
I recently noticed a small something surrounded by my vagina area and went to planned motherhood. It was too small to send surrounded by as a sample for genital warts cause by HPV. So I received a papsmear and with the…

Does a pap experiment merely exam for cancer or does it oral exam for hpv also?
my daughter had pap tests for 4 years. every year one would come stern negative then subsequent positive. finally when she was pregnant with her first child the HPV be discovered. She had to have a cone…

Does a pap smear detect adjectives strains of hpv?
A pap smear only detects the known strains of HPV. Viruses are particular to mutate often and there may be unknown forms of the virus. The subtypes are dealt with individual by scientists and microbiologists. Only after a lot of researching are they addd to the…

Does a pap smear examination automatically eyeshade for hpv?
A clinician will perform a Pap test at your regular gynecological exam. It’s used to examine the cell of the cervix in order to detect cancerous or precancerous cell. Pap tests can detect symptoms of sexually transmitted infections. With the exception of trichomoniasis, they cannot detect…

Does a pap smear show if i own hpv or genital wart?
Its crazy because my husband showed me sum bumps he had around his anal. At the time i didnt think anything of it but after i checked on the internet and i looked at pictures of stds. They looked like genital…

Does a plantar wart on my foot imply I’m HPV positive?
I found three warts on my right foot and I did some research about HPV and deem I’m positive. Does having a plantar wart make me HPV positive? I am currently using a drug call Duo-plant to remove them and it’s working…

Does a positive HPV infect a man? If so what does the man enjoy to enjoy done?
I’m a nursing student but I’m pretty sure what we learned about HPV is that in attendance is no test that can be done to determine if a man has contracted HPV itself. Now,…

Does a regular pap examination detect hpv surrounded by women?
yes. Depends on assorted things…the strain of hpv (because there are well over 150 strains) as very well as if it is an active virus or not. Some of the strains cause wart, some do not. It is my understanding that most paps do…

Does adjectives HPV 16 and 18 turn into Cervical Caner even near untimely medical assistance?
I wanted to know if all HPV 16 and 18 virus turn into Cervical Cancer…even near early detection? It is a persistent high risk HPV types that can progress to a cancer. Early dictions dispense our…

Does Aldara cream when used for genital wart oblige you punch-up the virus or basically obtain rid of wart?? Confused!?
I have been using Aldara cream for a small amount of genital wart (I’m female) for about 1 week now. I’ve done some research since I started using it, but I’m confused,…

Does an abornmal PAP result necessarily suggest that I own HPV? What are the probability that I hold HPV?
I got my first pap because my husband and I have be having trouble conceiving and it came support ABNORMAL. I read the report results and it says, RARE ATYPICAL SQUAMOUS CELLS. I was…

Does an HPV examination scan for adjectives the different types of the virus?
Having the Pap Smear Done doesn’t check for different Virus. Its purpose is to detech exceptional cells in and around the cervix. The virus effects the cell. I hope that this helped you with your ask. Best of luck. …

Does an HPV infection require sugery?
My friend has to go within for surgery of his anal warts. He has to enjoy complete anesthesia. Is this treatment normal for someone who was with the sole purpose recently diagnosed with HPV? Many things I hold read have mentioned only local anesthesia, and I be…

Does an phenomenal pap trial other indicate it’s HPV?
I had my annual pap test come fund as abnormal for the first time. On top of that, my followup appointment/biopsy has be cancelled due to my OBGYN having to deliver a baby — so I’ve have wayyyy too much time to think about…

Does an unexpected pap smear other miserable HPV?
Also, i thought this was a virus that stays in you forever but i hold read on the internet that the body can clear it up itself within around 8 months. Im very confused and want to know formerly my second pap smear. …

Does any one own genital wart out at hand I expect i enjoy it but im not sure?
my penis is very slightly burning and itchy, and there is 2 remarkably small white bumps on my penis is this it Is my life over? Sometimes, genital wart actually cause some burning and…

Does any one know how they audition 4 HVP,the audition for genital wart?
They do it by your everyday pap smear. It there any abnormal cell, they will do further testing by rescheduling another, more detailed pap smear. Just because your first pap comes back dignified in abnormal cell doensn’t mean you have HPV. If…

Does any one know what the cost of treatment for genital wart is?
my cousin has just be diagnosed with it and she doesnt have insurence so we are trying to digit out the cost of treatment to see if we will have to save up money Depends on the treatment.Podophylline…

Question by Jenna: What if your pap smear comes back abnormal?
I called the family planning to make an appointment for birth control. (my mom doesn’t know i’m going) but when i get a pap smear. what if it comes back abnormal? I don’t think anything bad runs in my family. but if it comes back abnormal what will happen?
Do they treat something or should i tell my mom?
What even makes pap smears come back abnormal?
So my questions are..

What is wrong when you have an abnormal pap smear? Do you have like a disease?

Do they treat whatever you have or do you have to tell your parents?

Best answer:

Answer by Leslie
Write your questions down and when you go for birth control….ask them. They have ALL the answers. And are very willing to give you the information.

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Will a Pap Smear Show a Yeast Infection ?

Monday, January 24th, 2011
Pap Smear
by Old Shoe Woman

Well, if you are looking for natural remedies to treat your yeast infection, then here is something that you must first know.
Yeast Infection And Abnormal Pap Smear We all have this yeast like, tiny little fungus called Candida Albicans in our body. But they never cause problem till certain conditions that render an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria and make the Candida to overgrow and multiply themselves with no control. That is what causes the infection starting with itching and rashes which gradually turn into various other uncomfortable conditions.

Cure Your Yeast Infection, 100% Guaranteed

So, what are that certain conditions that causes the imbalance?

Now this is important as they are the root causes of the infection and on which natural remedies focus on. And there are many conditions but the most common are poor nutrition, poor hygiene, oral contraception, wearing wet clothing (especially causes by sweat) for long periods, menstruation etc. Note that the fungus cannot multiply themselves without these right conditions.

That explains why drugs treatment cannot eliminate yeast infection completely

The simple answer is because drugs or creams applied to the affected area only treated the infection symptoms and not the root cause. Hence, using drugs and cream for prolonged period will only make the fungus become more resistant to them while you may notice a temporary relief. But eventually, the yeast will come back!

But is it possible to completely eradicate yeast infection without using drugs?

The simple answer is yes as natural remedies focus on the root cause of the infection. But you may need a combination of two or more of these natural remedies to make it works depending on the severity of your yeast infection.

The Danger of Chronic Yeast Infection

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Question by Anny: How do I get through a pap smear without getting tense?
I am 22 and getting a pap smear two days after my 23rd birthday. This will be the 3rd one I’ve ever gotten. The first for some reason didn’t hurt, and the last one hurt a lot and caused me to bleed.

I am nervous and dreading this. I want to not go but I know it’s necessary so I am making myself go through it.

I have a hard time relaxing during a pap smear. Any ideas on how I can relax so it does not hurt this time?

Best answer:

Answer by DLA
practice makes perfect

Give your answer to this question below!

What Happens During a Pap Smear

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
Pap Smear
by Davao Today

Going to the gynecologist can often times be a scary thing. However, it is a good thing to know ahead of time what to expect once you are there. One gynecology problem is related to a pap smear. If you get a call from your gynecologist saying you had an abnormal pap smear you may want to know more about what he/she is talking about.

Your cervix is just a few inches inside of your vagina. You will be asked to undress either completely or from the waist down for the procedure. A speculum is inserted so that your doctor can more easily get to your cervix. Cell samples are taken with a small brush or spatula. This is usually painless and is sometimes undetectable by the patient.

Since women are at a greater risk for cervical cancer and HPV when sexually active, the frequency that she needs to get a pap smear depends on how sexually active she is. It is recommended for most women to get themselves tested every year while others who have normal results for consecutive years may reduce their pap tests to once every three years.

A pap smear is a procedure that is necessary to check for abnormalities and cervical cancer. A pap smear may be done at an annual exam when you go to the gynecologist. This is done relatively quickly and is often times painless. However, you may experience a menstrual type cramp while the doctor gets the sample. The doctor may use a small, soft brush to obtain the sample from your cervix.

Vitamin A is very important for mucous membrane tissue, that is the tissue that lines the vagina, respiratory tract and digestive tract. It is also a powerful antioxidant to prevent free radical damage. As for the conventional approaches, I much prefer the prevention and improve immune function approach because there are no risks involved and there are many benefits.

You may wonder what exactly a Pap smear will test for. One of the most important things that this test will determine is cervical cancer. A Wills Point nurse practitioner at an east Texas health clinic will let each woman know if her results are abnormal and what else needs to be done at this point. However, an abnormal result does not guarantee that you have cancer. Sometimes, the cells can be abnormal for various other reasons and a recheck will reveal normal results.

Secondly, wear socks. For many years, I was told to relax when lying on that crackly paper on that cold doctor’s bed in a freezing cold room. It’s hard to relax when there is a metal or plastic object in your vagina and it is not foreplay. Try adding a temperature that’s several degrees below your comfort level. Simply wearing socks helps warm up your entire body and you can relax a little more.

“The best way to guarantee the eradication of abnormal cervical cells is by conization, the removal of the portion of the cervix in which they are located. But since this procedure may result in bleeding, infection, and perhaps reduce your chances of having a baby at some later date because of scarring, it should be reserved for severe cases,” Rosenfeld said.

The main reason to have a cervical smear is to monitor the health of the cervix, and to lower the number of women who contract cervical cancer. The smear is targeted to detect early strains of potentially cancerous cells. If caught in time, women’s health may not suffer terribly, and the growth of the cancer may not progress further. However, a cervical smear is just a screening process; it won’t detect all forms of cancer, all of the time.

Song: Pap Smear Artist: Crystal Castles Lets do Tokyo with TSC! Rather spontaneous video clip. When i noticed I was being taped, I turned toward the camera, etc. This was indeed the song I was listening to but synchronization is rather difficult with no diegetic musical cues.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Question by Rebecca: Pap Smear…?
am i in danger if i haven’t had pap smear for the past 4 years? my partner and i never had sex with anyone before. do all women should undergo pap smear?

Best answer:

Answer by philygrl72
Have you ever had one?

You should be having a pap smear EVERY year regardless. This is sooooooo important.

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What Exactly Is a Pap Smear? Do I Really Need To Get One?

Monday, December 20th, 2010
Pap Smear
by Davao Today

Pap smears test for cervical cancer in women. They can help to determine if you are at a higher risk for cervical cancer as well. When doctors perform pap smears, they collect cells from your cervix for testing.

Your cervix is just a few inches inside of your vagina. You will be asked to undress either completely or from the waist down for the procedure. A speculum is inserted so that your doctor can more easily get to your cervix. Cell samples are taken with a small brush or spatula. This is usually painless and is sometimes undetectable by the patient.

A pap smear helps your doctor to find cancerous or precancerous cells. Early detection is helpful when treating cervical cancer and can greatly improve your chances of overcoming this disease. A pap smear enables your doctor to initiate treatment of unusual or precancerous cells. This can help you to avoid the development of cancer.

In addition to the pap smear, your doctor will usually also perform a pelvic exam. This is basically an examination of the external anatomy of your genitals, uterus, vagina and ovaries. Your doctor will be feeling for abnormalities during this exam.

It is recommended that you have a pap smear yearly after you reach adulthood. If abnormalities are suspected, you may need one earlier in your teen years. If consistent normal results are found, then your doctor may recommend that you only have a pap smear every two to three years. If abnormalities are found, it may be recommended that you have more frequent tests. You may also need more frequent tests if you have any immunity problems, such as HIV.

If very few abnormal cells are present, then they may not be detected in the pap smear. Cervical cancer develops over many years, so it will most likely be noticed in the following pap smear without severe consequence. This is another reason that it is important to regularly get your pap smear done.

Before going to the OB/GYN for your pap smear, there are a few steps you should take. Do not have intercourse for two to three days before the test. Do not use any kind of vaginal medications, spermicidal products or lubricants during this time either. Douching can also alter the results of your test. In general, anything you insert or use vaginally for the two or three days before your pap smear can wash away or obscure abnormal cells that would have otherwise been detected.

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Question by beauty_n_charge: pap smear?
i recently took a pap smear on january 29th 2008. they called me back about a week and a half after to set an appointment because the doctor need to discuss something with me or possibly do a second pap smear. im really worried if maybe somethings wrong. does anyone have an idea of what the doctor might want to talk to me about?

Best answer:

Answer by oscar_the_penguin
no sorry i dont know what a pap smear is :*(

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