Simple Bone Cancer Treatment?

Bone cancers are rare forms of cancer that can affect any bone in the body. Two types of bone cancer are multiple myeloma and bone sarcomas. Bone cancers can also happen when tumors that start in other organs, such as breasts, lung, and prostate, metastasize (spread) to the bone. Multiple myeloma is the most common type of bone cancer. Basic information about Bone cancer symptoms and treatment.

Blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, MIRs and ultrasound can all be used in the diagnosis of bone cancer and cancer of the bone marrow. Ultimately however, only a bone biopsy can provide a definitive diagnosis. By examining a sample of tissue, a Pathologist can determine whether cancer is present and how fast it’s growing, crucial information in determining the best course of treatment.

Types of Bone Cancer: Osteosarcoma is the most common bone cancer. It rarely occurs in adults older than 25 years old. Osteosarcoma is usually found in the bones of the arms, legs and pelvis, and in bones that grow rapidly, such as the shoulders and knees.

Ewing’s sarcoma is commonly found in children ages 4 to 15, and is rare in adults older than 30. It is an aggressive cancer typically found in the center of the long bones of the arms and legs.

Chondrosarcoma is found in cartilage cells and accounts for about 25 percent of bone tumors, making it the second most common type. Unlike most other bone cancers, it is most common in people older than 40. It is typically found in the large bones of the hips and pelvis.

Bone Cancer Symptoms:


Swelling or tenderness of the joints


Fatigue, fever, weight loss, anemia

Bone dysplasia with medullary fibrosarcoma

Eosinophilic granuloma

Multiple Myeloma

The symptoms of bone cancer vary from one person to another according to the location and size of the bone cancer. Pain is one of the most common bone cancer symptoms. Generally, there is a gradual increase in the severity of the symptoms with time. At first, the pain may only be felt with activity or at night.

These are common types of Bone Cancer Treatment:


How bone cancer is treated depends on the type of tumor, how aggressive it is, the location of the tumor and whether or not the cancer has spread to other areas of the body. Options include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, or a combination of the three.
Risks include infection, damage to surrounding muscles, nerves and blood vessels, and recurrence of the cancer. Patients are often prescribed a course of physical therapy after surgery to help them regain full use and strength in the limb where the tumor was removed.


Chemotherapy is administered by an oncologist, and comprises a series of powerful intravenous drug treatments aimed at stopping and reversing the growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy is often used before surgery to shrink the tumor, making surgery less invasive. After surgery, it is used as a safeguard to kill any remaining cancer cells. The drugs kill cancer cells, but also affect hair, digestive tract cells and blood-forming cells. Loss of hair, nausea, loss of appetite, anemia and low energy are common side effects of chemotherapy. These side effects usually go away quickly after chemotherapy stops. Chemotherapy patients are sometimes referred to nutritionists to help with the anemia and loss of appetite.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is administered by a radiation oncologist, and comprises a series of high-energy X-rays aimed at the site of the tumor. This treatment is given in small doses over several days, sometimes months. The most common side effects are loss of appetite, fatigue and damage to the skin and other soft tissue at the site of the treatment. Patients who undergo surgery near the site of radiation therapy sometimes are slow to heal because of damage to the blood vessels at the site. Most side effects go away quickly after radiation therapy is over, but problems with slow healing may persist.

“What is Cancer?” is a 3D Animation which depicts the growth of a tumor. (music by: Bjorn Lynne – Blissful Moments, courtesy of
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  1. PrivateCanceresearch Says:

    hey heck out my page and click the link to donate to real cancer research!

  2. 1RadicalOne Says:

    Ah, yes, feel the Christian love.

  3. swirlylolly999 Says:

    @pen15incorperated what?!my grandmother pssed away from throat cancer 3 years ago and she never smoked!! have some respected, what a bitch

  4. Eyesoform Says:


    in cases like that I’d wonder how long was the tumor known about and what kinda conditions may have led to the tumor and what kinda things might reverse those conditions. could ask hundreds of questions really for ascertainment big picture. maybe nothing is inherently good or bad, rather that’s a matter of perspective. free will seems like an inherently good thing, but maybe it cuts both ways and all ways every which way, maybe no way.

  5. SerAlf21 Says:

    @Eyesoform and so what do you think about people who die ‘cos of tumors? How would you explain to a person who has lost someone this way that a tumor was something “good” for the body?

  6. Eyesoform Says:


    examples: some rodents reportedly were injected with rfid chips & the animals grew tumors that encapsulated the chips, seems the tumors are a protective response to prevent disruption in healthy tissue nearby. Yah maybe lotsa tumors be metabolic organs also, they can probably have many functions, maybe if a hormone imbalance is present, then a tumor could help metabolize that extra hormone and help maintain homeostasis in the body. Maybe we all naturally riddled w/ tiny itty bitty 1s

  7. SerAlf21 Says:

    @Eyesoform sorry but I know for sure that fresh air, great food and sea don’t help at all. I’m Italian and I live in a beautiful small town on the Mediterranean cost. Do you know that o n November 17th UNESCO recognized our diet pattern as an Intangible Cultural Heritage? Well the tumor has been there for all the time.
    And so, in your opinion, what is the good function of a tumor? If you believe that it has a reason, I think you should also be able to explain which one.

  8. Eyesoform Says:


    Health vitalization may involve intermittent water and juice fasting, giving the body a rest from digesting food, so it may focus more on healing toxic tissues. Getting enough sunshine and clean air and clean water, and healthy fresh foods. Well, diet is a topic all it’s own, I think dissolved sea salt may be good to consume. Getting plenty of sleep, avoiding toxic occupations and environments, managing stress, swimming in the ocean good too, me thinks. Even moles are just tumors.

  9. Eyesoform Says:


    Tumors may often be the most visible thing associated with cancerous conditions within a body. Because tumors are visible, doctors and drug makers and politicians and patients and fam can point at the tumor and say: look at the tumor, that must be the bad thing. I see tumors as functional organs, albeit sometimes found in precarious locations, like the brain. My guess is chemo/radiation/drug toxicity & lack of health vitalization are often most harmful, yet the tumor gets pointed at.

  10. SerAlf21 Says:

    @Eyesoform I think that my 21 years old cousin dead from cancer would DEFINITELY agree with you, because it seems that his tumors had a precise purpose or reason (as you said): to kill him.
    I won’t ever think our body produces something like tumors because it needs it, what the hell! It just leads people to suffering and to the cemetery, I really can’t support your absurd theory.

  11. Eyesoform Says:


    Maybe pleiomorphic micro-organisms fungi/mold/bacteria/plasmids/viruses/human-cells all work together for maintenance of health super-wellness on planet earth. There is much horizontal gene/protein/stuff transfer in kingdom of earth life. Google “The end of bad science and beginning again with life”. Yah, it’s like microorganisms are laying down a scaffold & in concert with immune system directing tumor making/destroying. The mind may inhabit certain bands of consciousness.

  12. Eyesoform Says:


    We are all one infinitely interconnected and fractal superorganismic holographic techno-electrical multiversal One Love Spiral Cycle Vine. I am a mushroom and I live in mushroomland =D Who is gus? and what is so fun about him?

  13. girlznguitarz Says:

    @Eyesoform see Cancer is a fungus

  14. NobleKnight911 Says:

    What an amazing video !!!!

  15. Eyesoform Says:


    Thank you for asking. I’ve sent you a pm with a link to a page where I’ve compiled info relating to the nature of cancer and tumors.

    Anybody else who is interested can visit a website called “ThriveTalk” and go to the “Food/Health” forum, and find the topic titled “cancer” which is presently a sticky topic appearing at the top.

  16. WhiteRussianBC Says:

    @Eyesoform Do you have any sources to confirm this?

  17. EmmaJayne033 Says:

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  18. ScientificalnessUSA Says:

    Cannabis sativa is a leafy-green plant therefor, invariably, it contains the bitter substance of Amygdalin the molecularity of which breaks down into 2 parts glucose, 1 part hydrogen cyanide and 1 part benzaldahyde (an analgesic pain reliever). It’s the hydrogen cyanide that destroys the negatively-charged cancerous cells. This form of cyanide only effects malignant cells. Indeed many B vitamins, all of which we´╗┐ cannot live without, contain a form of cyanide.

  19. VirtualWrestling Says:

    666 death to jesus

  20. TheConorAKAconor Says:

    Every person has 1000 wishes , a cancer patient only has one, to get better.I know 97% of you wont post this as your status ,but my friends will be the 3% that do – in honour of someone who died of , or is fighting cancer

  21. TheConorAKAconor Says:

    Every person has 1000 wishes , a cancer patient only has one, to get better.I know 97% of you wont post this as your status ,but my friends will be the 3% that do – in honour of someone who died of , or is fighting cance

  22. 3ddigitalmotion Says:

    I wish you success in your studies have been nice to be appreciated

  23. sluggo06 Says:

    What do you think happens after we die?

  24. RUSSKAYAG Says:

    Every living organism has a certain frequency/sound vibration, measured in MHz. Healthy human operates on 68-70 MHz. Anything below 60 means a physical illness. Cancer comes on below 45 MHz, for example. Different frequency has a certain emotion provoking any disorder considering emotion is negative. Raise your vibration by being in the sun, staying positive, calm and kind to everyone. Emotion of love runs on 528 MHz. Negative emotions are very low in frequency which creates physical disorders..

  25. roidz17 Says:

    Cancer is a healing process that hasn’t stopped

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