My School Essay On Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy
by mdmarkus66

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1. Engagement

A. Problem: A fourteen year old girl who is pregnant and all alone with handling her condition. The family is not supporting her in this difficult time and the baby’s father is hardly around.

B. Feelings: The girl got pregnant at the age of 14 and had no clue what to do. People these days seem to talk of only two or three solutions to teen pregnancy, although most people forget another, which is adoption. This is the choice that she has made, which has turned out to be the best yet hardest decision of that she has ever made in her life. She has examined her options and considered what life would be like with a baby. She has decided that she is not yet ready (and in fact will not be ready for several years) to take care of a baby.

C. Goals:  Her goals are to learn to care for herself and the baby, continue her education, and find a job so that she can become self-sufficient

2. Data Collection

A. Problem:  A fourteen year old girl is pregnant without any family support. She is very confused and scared of what is going to happen to her between now and  the time the baby is born.

Person:  A fourteen-year-old girl who is scared and confused because she is pregnant.
Environment: Her home environment is not a very healthy one. Her parents do not approve of her being pregnant and as a result they do not support her.

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Question by Junie: What causes teen girls to ignore a pregnancy until the birth?
I’m talking about the occasional case of a young woman who somehow ignores a pregnancy until a baby suddenly arrives. This often ends in tragedy when the girl panics and abandons the child. What influences could lead to this behavior?

1) On a small scale – what sort of family dynamics might she have, what sort of personality, etc. What might pre-dispose a young woman to ignoring a pregnancy?

2) On a larger scale, is our society somehow leading to this problem? Is there such shame involved with teen pregnancy? Is it a lack of resources for mothers? Is it an emphasis on career over motherhood? Or, could it be an emphasis on avoiding abortion? Any and all ideas are welcome.
A pregnancy is often not seen as a blessing, even for women with adequate resources. Even a surprise pregnancy in a 25 year old with a job is greeted with “oh no!” by friends and family. That’s what I mean by “an emphasis on career over motherhood”.

Best answer:

Answer by uz
if the teen is really young and hasn’t started having REGULAR periods, the skipped periods may be normal for them. And some of them don’t show, or jsutify the changes enough not to realize that they really are pregnant. I know an adult woman with PCO who did not know about her pregnancy till she went into labor. I see how that could be a blessing

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9 Responses to “My School Essay On Teen Pregnancy”

  1. ₤Э\/Ĩ†¥ Says:

    juniper it’s a process of denial until reality hits

  2. kessie Says:

    my guess would be straight up denial mainly because if a lack of menstruation doesn’t arose her curiosity, putting on weight won’t either. Perhaps she’s waiting for a sign from God.

    Blaming society just creates a scapegoat, something to pin the blame on. There’s no longer shame involved with teen pregnancies in this culture anyway. For heaven’s sake they’re handing out birth control in middle school. A lack of resources? I seriously doubt it unless she lives on a mountaintop by herself. What would an emphasis on career over motherhood have to do with your question? The baby’s still going to be born. Avoiding abortion is the only answer with any credence – to me.

  3. faustyfats Says:

    speaking as a person who was pregnant I can answer the reasons that I did not tell anyone. Yes I knew I was pregnant. Did I try to ignore it? yes I did. My reason (although I know how stupid they are now) was mainly fear. Fear my mother would disown me, fear my boyfriend would leave me, fear that my friends would no longer want to be around me. Fear that my older sister would kill me. Shame that I had let myself get this way. Fear that people at school would find out.

    I waited so long to tell an “adult” that a doctor would not see me as I was to far along and had not seen a doctor. The only doctor who would take me was the local health department. Now 17 years later and my daughter I gave birth to is now the age I was when she got pregnant. I make sure she is informed and aware of what can happen. I knew she had a steady b/f for a year, I took her down and had her put on birth control. Want to break the cycle.

  4. players2069 Says:

    The other part of this is that society is teaching children “ignore it and it’ll go away.”
    When the baby doesn’t go away, the teen panics and it ends in tragedy.

  5. Jo Says:

    the main reason is fear. many of these girls are scared to death – and with reason, having a child is a major decision.

    there are resources but not enough – we need adequate sexual health information (Not just preaching about abstinence), we need access to information, access to services. many girls are afraid to see a GYN. contraception prices are now going up – it will prevent women from getting services. also, many planned parenthoods – that offer sliding-scale fees – are not allowed in a community or are protested against – this would make the girl fearful to go to a clinic.

    also, boys have to be involved too.

    and this is a problem for society, not just the individual (we are in the “social science” category here guys). the usa has the highest rate of teen pregnancy for any industrialized country – - find out why

  6. Rio Madeira Says:

    1. She might never have learned the signs of an oncoming pregnancy; she might not want to admit the fact that she might be pregnant to herself or others.

    2. “Emphasis on career over motherhood?” Where the hell did that come from? In all likelihood, she had no access to contraception and just went ahead and did it. It’s been proven that girls with abstinence-only sex education are more likely to get pregnant early. That’s the problem with our society. People ignore facts and focus on faith.

  7. Tracey Says:

    Teenagers, as a group, are still children enough that they believe that ignoring a problem will make it go away, somehow. I think there’s less shame in teen pregnancy than there was in decades past. You’ll probably find that the teenagers who carry pregnancies in secret are girls with high expectations of themselves who are afraid to “let down” parents, teachers, coaches, etc.

  8. Kinz Says:

    i have no idea why women do this. it’s such a strange phenomena. but, i will say, if birth control were over the counter, and plan b and abortions were accessible and cheap everywhere (in the south they are very hard to come by), it could only DECREASE the incidence of girls ignoring pregnancy until birth. abstinence only education is also garbage and can’t be helping girls protect themselves.

  9. Super Ruper Says:

    I’m sure there are all kinds of things at play in these instances:

    1. Fear
    2. Strict upbringing
    3. Embarassment
    4. Immaturity

    Bottom line, I don’t believe that our society can be blamed for this one, and CERTAINLY, I don’t see a correlation between the career vs. motherhood point. They are teenagers, and I don’t suspect they ignore their pregnancies because they want to focus on their education, leading to a career.

    All in all, most teenagers are still little girls. They are not old enough to accept the responsibility for their actions. Babies having babies…

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