Learn How To Stop Smoking Naturally And Fast!

Stop smoking naturally and finally conquer your tobacco addiction. As hard as it is to quit smoking, you can stop smoking now and stay cigarette free for life! In order to beat your addiction you need the proper tools and treatment to help you successfully stop smoking. It’s imperative for you to understand that no matter how much control you exert over your physical addiction, if you are not placing an equal amount of attention on the emotional aspect of your cigarette smoking habit your chances for success will be very low.

Before we get into some of the natural stop smoking treatment ingredients and why they work to help you quit smoking, let’s identify some of the actions you can take to begin training your mind to become smoke free.

When you first stop smoking, you must be prepared to combat a STRONG mental urge to smoke. In the first 24 hours it seems that you are fighting an uphill battle that will never be won. Do NOT let your mind convince you that you can’t quit smoking! You CAN stop smoking! Be very mindful that – from day 1 – when you think you want a cigarette to tell yourself something along the lines of: I feel like I want a cigarette, and I don’t want to be a smoker so I can CHOOSE not to smoke.

Tip #1 – Rehydrate: When your desire is high and you are working hard to convince yourself that you don’t need to smoke, try drinking a tall glass of cold water or orange juice using the hand with which you used to smoke. The sipping of the water (or juice) will equate in your mind to the raising of your hand to your mouth as you did when you smoked. Using the hand with which you no longer have to smoke cigarettes will help your mind learn new associations with ‘break time.’

Tip #2 – Mind Power: Additional mind powering techniques will go a long way, too, such as envisioning the liquid providing a real healthful benefit to your body that cigarettes never could.

Tip # 3 – Reach Out: If none of this works for you, get on the phone! Call a person you trust (a non-smoker) to talk you through the addiction. Again…Use the hand with which you used to smoke to hold the phone while you talk. Feel free to pace if you have to.

Most smokers are only able to successfully stop smoking by combating both factors of their smoking addiction: Mental and physical. Here are some of the most effective active ingredients in homeopathic stop smoking treatments that help you stop smoking naturally.

Aconitum Napellus

Aconitum Napellus is also called Wolfsbane, and it is a perennial native mainly to the northern portion of the globe. In its purest form, Aconite is a hallucinogen with alkaloid properties that affect the body much like mushrooms or LSD. In its diluted form, however, there are a multitude of health promoting benefits such as pain relief, reduction of anxiety, decrease in chest pains caused by coughing, and insomnia. These are all physical symptoms of withdrawals from nicotine that take place when you stop smoking.

Avena Oat

Avena is a class of oats that has been long recognized as an effective cure for increased tension, hysteria, and withdrawal symptoms from opium addiction. Addiction to opium is much like addiction to nicotine. When you quit smoking your body is forced to re-establish its own ability to produce vital neurological chemicals that help provide physical and emotional stability. It is this state of ‘raw nervousness’ that makes it virtually impossible to quit smoking without a treatment to help you stop smoking naturally.

Black Spruce

Black Spruce is actually another name for Abies Nigra, which is also used as a homeopathic ingredient to minimize anxiety and restlessness. Additionally, this natural herb is known for its ability to relieve coughing. This is an important natural stop smoking medication because the first 4-6 weeks after you stop smoking your smoker’s cough will most likely get worse. Don’t worry, though; as uncomfortable as it is, it’s just your lungs performing a natural cleansing process that will help you significantly decrease your chances of acquiring an obstructive pulmonary disease such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema.

Nux Vomica

At first glance, this ingredient – like Aconite – seems like a natural herb with which you’d want no part of. It is a poisonous nut that carries many of the same physical properties as Aconitum Napellus with just as many healing properties when diluted for human consumption. The largest benefit to this ingredient in natural stop smoking treatments is that it helps control your appetite that is usually dangerously high when you stop smoking. It helps you keep your weight under control while you battle your tobacco addiction.

If you need more helpful tips on how to stop smoking, please check out my profile where there is plenty of information with more on the way.

If you need immediate assistance to stop smoking, join a quit smoking support group online and empower yourself with the tools to stop smoking naturally.

You can stop smoking!  Smoking affects at least 40 million Americans, 25 million of whom are destined to die a horrible death if they do not conquer their addiction. 

1951 Goofy No Smoking Cartoon

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25 Responses to “Learn How To Stop Smoking Naturally And Fast!”

  1. pixelilywolf Says:

    fuck you you Suck

  2. TeamHeavySuck Says:

    Wow! Cartoons really sucked in 1951!

  3. thegodfatherking Says:


  4. 99999999988888888333 Says:

    @VodkaAndKush no i meant lcd “Laminated Copper Dominos” , thanks but no thanks

  5. VodkaAndKush Says:

    u like to do “liquid crystal displays”?
    i believe u mean “Lysergic acid diethylamide” LSD not LCD
    im sorry when im stoned i really tend to care for drug typos

  6. VodkaAndKush Says:

    um this is clearly an antismoking cartoon
    its showing how much u smoke when u start smoking
    and how hard it is to stop when u first start

  7. zingarzahoy26 Says:

    No offense, but walt taught children to smoke?!?! Screw walt but cool cartoons

  8. NeptuneMS385 Says:

    Wait what the hell…

    His name back then was Geef, but someone called him George..

    Or, was his name “George G. Geef?”

  9. reynard61 Says:

    The dirty little secret that Disney won’t tell you is that 20 years later Goofy lost a lung to cancer…

  10. TheFilthyYoda Says:

    @ShimdisBack wen?

  11. penguindude2000 Says:

    goofy the drugy weed

  12. fireboysasha Says:

    Back in time “weed” was slang for tobacco.

  13. JamesScilz Says:

    smokers /watch?v=tSnl3rq5eGM

  14. TheGreatAhmed Says:

    Access Fumandosintabaco.MyinLife.com.

  15. 99999999988888888333 Says:

    I smoke green tea mixed with laced marijuana, and i’ve got to say, its fucking incredible. Afterwards i usually do some LCD or Salvia which really fucks your shit up. If I’m still able to walk I then down hard alcohol untill i black out. When I wake up, which is almost always over 20 hours later, I have the fucking worst hang-over ever. However I usually find weird gifts wrapped, around My house for some reason, Idk why or how. Crazy One-Man Party Dude! Love It!

  16. WoWspecilist Says:

    HITSOFTHECENTURY lol camal cush or menthal 100′s

  17. POTATER1228 Says:

    @therealzomba yes! Dont smoke 2 packs a day! just stay with like 1 or 2 a day! You really shouldnt even have more than 5 a day! Yeah, that is a recurring smoker’s story though

  18. bendario Says:

    Funny stuff. But here’s one cartoon that won’t be on TV again. Endorsing smoking? Fag? Weed? Not these days.

  19. Phersephoie Says:

    all these goofy how too’s tell the meaning of life! seriously!

  20. its422 Says:


  21. therealzomba Says:

    i will defend my right to choose to smoke, but i do know that new smokers are most definitely starting as kids, and the tobacco companies know this. there’s a lot of corruption in their marketing and practices. glamorize it, make them want to try it at a young and impressionable age, and BAM, new customers.
    i am aware that one day soon i really need to put these down. cancer runs in the family. nicotine may as well be crack or heroin. once it has a hold on you, it’s very difficult to quit.

  22. therealzomba Says:

    @POTATER1228 they don’t start out at 2 packs, lol. most adult smokers try it as kids, then try it a few more times, and then by the time they’re in highschool they’re addicted, and smoking more than just a few stolen cigarettes from their parents. it’s not an overnight thing. it took me 5 years of stealing occasional cigarettes from the adult smokers in my family to become addicted. i was 11 when i had my first one. addicted and up to a full pack by 16. same story for a lot of smokers.

  23. POTATER1228 Says:

    @therealzomba But why smoke that much in the first place! That’s the difference between a binge drinker and a regular ocassional drinker. People who are “addicted” started it by smoking so many a day? The more you smoke the harder the effects when you choose not to smoke. That’s personal responsibility and commone sense. Why do people overindulge like that! It’s insane. Why not just stick with a few a day!? It’s like people who over eat!

  24. BethGoth15 Says:

    @WoWspecilist Not good! Well, at least you’re not as addicted as Goofy! XD


    @WoWspecilist camel crush or what cuddy

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