Learn How To Quickly Stop Smoking For Good

Do you really want to stop smoking or do you want to help somebody quit smoking? If your answer is YES then this brings us to yet another question How can you stop smoking? How can you or anybody else quit this stinking habit? Well, in rare cases its easy for some individuals to quit the smoking habit, they will just wake up one day and decide they will never smoke again and they quit smoking just like that. Out of my own experience I think nobody enjoys smoking, its only the beginners who enjoy this habit in its early stages until they are addicted to the habit and start fighting it back in efforts of trying to quit the same habit, therefore a majority of so called smokers only smoke because they are addicted to smoking and not because they enjoy smoking.

I will tell you a short story of my own experience. I started smoking back in 1995 when I used to work in a discotheque as a Dj. I was drawn to the habit by friends and I got deep into it not realizing what I was getting my self into. At first it was fun it was cool and it felt so good smoking, it was relaxing. After a year I decided, well I am tired of smoking and its time to quit so I woke up one morning and said to my self I will never smoke again. Three hours later on that same day while smoking my second cigarette is when I remembered that I had made a decision that morning never to smoke again! I felt terrible it was like I had betrayed my self; this went on for days months and years until I realized how difficult it was for me to stop the habit.

This war between me and smoking went on for twelve years; I tried every thing from eating specific kinds of selected foods to all sorts of medicine including herbal medicines in the efforts of trying to get rid of the cigarette cravings but nothing worked until one day in 2006 while searching for the cure to my smoking problem on the internet I came across this amazing Freedom From Smoking Guide. At first I thought it was just one of the many online money making scams that are all over the internet, but I took some time and thought of how smoking was affecting my life, my health, my finances, my wife, my new baby, almost every part of my life was affected by smoking and I decided to download that guide and give it a try. This guide changed my life almost instantly, finally after 12 years of bondage I stopped smoking just like that simply by following the simple steps and guidelines in this amazing Freedom From Smoking Guide for only 17$ . Click here to see Freedom From Smoking Guide.

For Most people smoking is a hard habit to break because tobacco contains nicotine which is highly addictive to the body and mind just like cocaine and other addictive drugs. The body and mind get so used to the nicotine in cigarettes that a person has to smoke just to feel normal and think straight.

Most people know that smoking causes cancer, emphysema, wrinkles, and so on and it also shortens your life span by 10 years or more, it costs smokers thousands of dollars or more every year yet people continue to smoke, this just shows how powerful this cigarette smoking addiction is and therefore it is not something to play or joke around with.

During the 12 years of my smoking addiction I was a heavy smoker I smoked thirty to thirty five cigarettes in a day, I was spending a lot of money on cigarettes my skin turned grey and wrinkled my hair was falling off and I finally developed a serious chest condition which crippled me financially I was in a lot of pain and weak and my life was slowly fading away. Its now very important for you who is currently addicted or may be you know a loved one you can help get out of this slavery to act now before its too late by simply downloading this Freedom From Smoking Guide for only 17$ you will save yourself or someone else from spending thousands of dollars in trying to cure smoking related illnesses or even death.

Consequences of smoking:

Every time you light a cigarette be sure that by the time you finish smoking it you will have lost 5 to 20 minutes of your life, thats a proven fact. Smokers also tend to develop yellow teeth and loose bone density which increases the risk of osteoporosis a condition that causes bones to break easily and bend over during old age. Smoking affects lung power meaning smokers tend to be less active. Smoking causes fertility problems and affects sexual health in both men and women, women using any form of birth control can develop serious health problems including heart attacks when they smoke and in the case of men they tend to develop erection problems.

Cigarette, cigars and pipe smoke contains over 4000 different harmful chemicals which affect a persons body and health quickly some of these effects are: High risk of illness, slow healing of injuries, reduced physical performance, bad smells and breath, stained teeth and bad skin. All forms of tobacco are hazardous. Most smokers try to substitute the regular cigarette with other products that seem like they are better for them like filtered or low tar cigarettes but the only thing which helps a person avoid the problems associated with smoking is staying smoke free. From my own experience staying smoke free brings with it a lot of benefit, when a smoker quits smoking he/she becomes more energetic, they become good looking with more money in their pockets and most important more life to live. Click here to see some effects of smoking.

Its easy to quit smoking am sure you have heard that kind of comment on various occasions and if you are a smoker you have probably said so yourself, unfortunately as easy as it may seem easy to quit the addiction still remains. Its important for you to know that what works for one person may not for another. The moment you download Freedom From Smoking, you will find out methods of quitting smoking you probably have never heard of. I hadnt until I read Freedom From Smoking with Patricia Covers.

You may want to go for counseling sessions or join self help groups or further still visit a rehabilitation center, but what makes the freedom from smoking guide stand out from all the other methods is because Patricia covers all the symptoms and methodologies for treatment in a deeper basic understanding in a totally un-biased, non-judgmental manner.

Her information is clear, concise and understandable.   She explores in depth, each of the many treatments that are available, providing the pros, cons and warnings associated with each one of them.You will be amazed to discover so many diverse treatment options.

If you are a smoker then you owe it to your friends and loved ones and most importantly to YOURSELF to get rid of your smoking addiction. But if you are not a smoker but someone else close to you is, then you owe to them to grab a copy of Freedom From Smoking now and help them down the path toward total wellness. This being the reason I have sacrificed my time and recourses to bring you freedom from this bondage. Over 44 million people in the U.S alone have managed to give up smoking for good I am one of them and now its your turn. Click here to Download Freedom From Smoking.



Great Video About Smoking and what it does to you Students, Scholars, please feel free to use this video, download it, or share it. It’s for everyone’s benefit
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25 Responses to “Learn How To Quickly Stop Smoking For Good”

  1. UniversoBenfica Says:

    2:30 i think the guy is owned by bus

  2. CodeRed949 Says:

    Back to Parlament light lol

  3. VICTOR7oh2 Says:

    Giving up smoking is easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times.

  4. sevenSouled Says:

    _Yeah stop smoking cigaretes.. its bad for health!!!_
    ___Smoke ONLY Weed!!!!___

  5. Anton661 Says:

    to all smokers out there just quit. just do it.. do not let a cigerete control u. it should be the other way round.

  6. Anton661 Says:

    @rethimiotis7 fagito spk english nt interested in ur traslations

  7. Anton661 Says:

    @xXMrDodoXx you need to change ur doctor or either u dont smoke properly u stupid twat. so what if u been smoking 12 yrs without anythin hapenin to u, that does not make u superman, if u were not bothered then why watch this video? obviously u fukin care and thats the only reason. Dont chat shit and encourage ppl to smoke just cus nothins happend to you if u gotta death wish then carry on. nd trust me it all comes soon. symtoms start after 14-15 yrs, and once ur 26 ur lunks stop curing. Gd luk

  8. Anton661 Says:

    @amazing123212 wht matters is atleast u havent killed ur self on purpose so quit smoking, and accept death like a man not a coward.

  9. Anton661 Says:

    @darkspidey34 okay i hope i havent misunderstood ur statement but if u do think that u will die someday so might as well smoke, then just kill ur self now. And therre are many other ways apart from smoking. I hate it wen ppl say we re all going to die sumday , ye true but atleast u know that u have not purposely killed your self, which ever way u die doesnt matter as long as you have tried ur best to survive..but what ever man ur life

  10. darkspidey34 Says:

    My favorite excuse for smoking is,”Were all going to die some day. What does it matter?” I can’t imagine someone committing murder, going to trial, saying that line, and going free.

  11. Casso14894 Says:

    how bad is 5 cigs a day? (No replies involving religion or repeating the message of this shit vid)

  12. youngbbx Says:

    I’ve been smoking Marlboro Light Gold and Nuports for about 5 years until I discovered the mini cigarette which helped me quit completely. Google up mini cigarette.. trustt

  13. minoylini Says:

    oh thats gross!

  14. martis1008 Says:

    115 people really smokes

  15. colourmeful Says:

    @mAnclTy how!?

  16. colourmeful Says:

    @hwagner81 that’s what i thaught… after 6 months i started again :(

  17. DuncanOc Says:



  18. Stolemyusename Says:

    Smoking??? Hah..No way!

  19. amazing123212 Says:

    we will die sometime!what is matter ?

  20. AZngsta2 Says:

    smoking is for hookers and fat people…i cant smoke any way…i got asthma and ill just die earlier so there aint no way im doing it…

  21. creamytear Says:

    Use E cigs instead to help save your lungs. $5 off coupon code below I hope it sitll works

    Coupon: bonussavings

  22. JamesScilz Says:

    check this out it might help /watch?v=tSnl3rq5eGM

  23. fr34kz1 Says:

    I was going to smoke a cigarette before I watched this video. I just bought a pack of Parliaments, now I’m wondering if my addictions will get the best of me. I’m still going to smoke though..

  24. vivalaresistanc Says:

    @xXMrDodoXx You’re ignorant, you lack the knowledge. Smoking creates blood clots which can cause strokes. Strokes will kill, blind or paralyze.

  25. hwagner81 Says:

    I watched this video the day before i quit smoking. It’s been over 12 weeks now and i’m officially an ex-smoker now. YAY!!!

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