Common Symptoms of Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy
by lisby1

When you are pregnant there will always be symptoms that will indicate that you are pregnant or not. These will help you to easily tell that you are still pregnant in the all course of this period that you will be going through. Often we have looked at the symptoms that are there in adults and have overlooked the symptoms of teen pregnancy. All is due beliefs that teen will not get pregnant in there early ages. After all these beliefs have finally become invalid because of many teen being pregnant we are finally looking at the symptoms that will help us notice the changes in there pregnancy.

Looking for these symptoms is all because we want to know that changes that are taking place in the development of the baby at there age. We are all here because of curiosity or researching on many different things that we are currently looking at. Expectation of many people is that the symptoms are going to de different from those of the adults that are pregnant. I am sorry to say that this fact is not true. Being an adult or a teenager they are all pregnant the symptoms are not of age but of the pregnancy that these two groups are carrying.

However due to the age difference there will also be some symptoms that will be due to there age. These are the only symptoms that will be different from the adults to the teenager though not many. Currently the symptoms that will be notice in Teens are as per below list:

Missed period

Frequent urination


Changes in appetite

Nausea or vomiting

Tenderness and fullness of breasts

All these are major symptoms that many will be able to experience in the course of there pregnancy. These will be in the early stages and might be different as the pregnancy grows.

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Question by yoshi: teen pregnancy?
im doing a survey for one of my college classes and i was wondering if i could get some input from other people.

what makes teen pregnancy a controversy?
why is it that teenagers are having babies at such a young age?
what do you believe are the effects on society?

Best answer:

Answer by Grace!!!
I dont think its that controversal, but if it is then it is because you would think people would get educated and not get pregnant but they still do and its so stupid. They think they know it all, they know nothing.
I think its because they are uneducated and there parents dont keep an eye on them. They think it wont happen to them and they shirk all responsability.
I think the effct on society is that the girls that have these babies expect society to look after them and most of them dont have jobs. It cant be good for society.

What do you think? Answer below!

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33 Responses to “Common Symptoms of Teen Pregnancy”

  1. babyisaac51 Says:

    ur a really strong girl im 17 turning 18 in may my sons going to turn 2 in may as well i wanted to cry reading this im holding my baby right now hes sleeping in my arms and i cant imagine my life without him it really pisses me off when other teen girls have babies and dont even take care of them and leave their parents or grandparents to take care of them its like u opened up your legs take responsibility theres always time for partying and going out in the future its not the poor babys fault.

  2. bhz10 Says:

    i am a soon-to-be-father. This song struck me right in the heart. im only 16. Im not going to abandon the mother. She is my love, and this baby is my life.

  3. pandeypoo92 Says:

    i am so sorrry. that is so sad. i think im going to cry!!! i am so sorry

  4. jkr726 Says:

    not being mean but every child should have its real mother! no baby asks to be born as a mistake…im pregnant and could never give up my child knowing i have someone that came from my body and i dont even kno em. thankx just saying.

  5. kbot321 Says:

    Yeah I loooovvvveeee your poem you are very talented and I just wanted to know how far you have gotten trying to get it published amazing poem

  6. ReneeSaniya Says:

    Asian ladies for dating # #

  7. jasperlover117 Says:

    Almost happened to me. I’m still not 100% sure. He got what he wanted and left I told him I might be prego he said “your not pregnat so stop this bs”
    If I am I dont want him in the baby’s life, he isnt mature or man enough.

    And I’m glad you could handle yourself and you made a good choice it takes a Lot to become a mom and give your baby away to complete strangers. You made a better choice and thats good:)

  8. Iceprincess702 Says:

    @melissababiixo its a great name lol

  9. Iceprincess702 Says:

    @kbot321 Thanks hun

  10. kbot321 Says:

    That rocked u should totally get it in the chicken soup book:)

  11. melissababiixo Says:

    caleb is my sons name <3

  12. TheCursedE Says:

    Well good because you can’t spell either.

  13. PALOMITA694 Says:

    I think adoption is the saddest thing that can happen to someone in life. If you have a baby keep him with you no matter what.

  14. zafrinashadow Says:

    thank you. i am 6 months pregnant. This is one of my biggest descisions. i am not allowing the father to be in her life. i am engaged and that is who her daddy is. im scared as anything but i do not regret this decision. im here if you need an ear well eye lol.

  15. Iceprincess702 Says:

    @zafrinashadow That takes a lot of courage. I congratulate you!

  16. zafrinashadow Says:

    i am a teen mom from rape. i did not have an abortoin and am not giving my child up for adoption either.

  17. HighOrders Says:

    wtffff just dont have sex……..

  18. MsAndria80 Says:

    Annieisme123- That is really unfortunate but you do have options. No one can make that choice but you. Reach out to someone if you truly feel you cant raise the baby. Little Faith deserves the best, as all little kids do, as well as yourself, you are a little girl. Good luck.

  19. MsAndria80 Says:

    Annieisme123- That is really unfortunate but you do have options. No one can make that choice but you. Reach out to someone if you truly feel you cant raise the baby. Little Faith deserves the best, as all little kids do, as well as yourself, you are a little girl. Good luck.

  20. minnikittylove Says:

    im 13, and am taking a pregnancy test today.
    im scared outta my mind, im too young for a child, but i will keep him/her

  21. tolerablekaylee Says:

    Im only 14 and pregnant. I am keeping my baby. (: i could never give him up.

    I make pregnancy vlogs. Teens should check them out. (:

    They might be helpful.

  22. CrystalHeart800 Says:

    If I got pregnant I would keep my baby. I’m against abortion and I couldn’t find it in my heart to give my baby away. But, I’m not going to get pregnant…as a teen anyway

  23. clarissemos Says:

    I was raped 2 weeks before I turned 17. Everyone told me to give my baby up except for my supportive dad. My daughter is now 4 years old & I love waking up everyday to make her breakfast & watch her grow!

  24. Iceprincess702 Says:

    @mrsjls4everxx I see him all the time. He knows i love him. Stop Hatin.

  25. Iceprincess702 Says:

    @candipandipal12 No it hasn’t gotten published yet. I’m still trying. =]

  26. ᴎᾳɫᾳḻḭἑ ♥ ҉ Says:

    because teens shouldnt be having children let alone sex at such a young age.
    it could be peer pressure, they want children bt just arent ready for it etc.
    well there are a lot of people who dont keep their baby cause they cant afford it so there are a lot more babies up for adoption which can result in a lot more homeless babies and children, there are also more abortions but im not sure if that effects society

    hope i could be of little help, good luck

    peace =D

  27. Jamie P Says:

    well I am 15 years old and in 21 days my daughter wil be a year old. I think people dont like teenage pregnancy because they think we are irresponsible but thats not true, I have been raising my daughter in a good healthy way and even she is happy. Teenagers are having babies at a young age because they think they have fallen in love and think its the right time to have sex not thinking about the consiqences, For me though I have fallen in love and the father and I are getting married ( no names ). I think with teenagers having babies could affect society on negative ways and positive way. negative- because most tennageers dont take responsibility. positive- becuase a few teenagers do step up and say hey Im gonna be a good mom !!

  28. [dANiiE♥♫]™ Says:

    what makes teen pregnancy such a controversy?

    well in my opinion, adults are in an uproar because it is illegal. also, they were raised way more conservative. teen pregnancy just means more and more teens ar ehaving sex with Lord knows how many partners, spreading diseas around because most of the time they arent safe. the more adults realize they are losing their old-fashion morals to contemporary promiscuity, they are saddened and enraged by it.

    why is that teenagers are having babies at such a young age?
    teens pretty much think they can act like whatever they want and do what they want . it would be true if they were actually supporting themselves. most arent, which is why they cant. but they are having babies because they arent being safe. i mean, its bad enough to disrespect your body to a person that you arent guaranteed to be with forever , but your making yourself a store. each person that enters you leaves with a peace of you, and sometimes its not the safest way. i mean hello? USE A CONDOM . or here is one for the females . BiRTH C0NTROL . seriously, be smart and responsible about it.

    what do you believe are the effects on society?
    society is losing all its morales. promiscuity is the new conservative . its ludacris . its so hard for a parent to raise their younger kids who look up to teens when the teens are doing such things.

    <3 : ] !

  29. Cherry_girl Says:

    I think every1 will always think that haveing a baby @ such a young age is a bad thing. Most people think they r stupid. And u know wat I think, that it always depends on the person. Some teens mature faster than others. My sister had a baby @ the age of 17 and her husband was 15 and they didn’t really have any ides wat 2 do and were irresponsible. But. My cousin was 15 when she got pregnate and is very responsible with him and he

    And my understanding of all this happening is that most parents wanna lock there kids up and they rebele or in other cases parents aren’t open with there kids bout there kids bout sex and relationships.

    It will have an affect on society in a bad and good way it just depends on how u think about it.

  30. Angel G Says:

    well teen pregnecy is one hard thing to be able to support the baby and your self go to school and hang out with your freinds i think as long as you can support it and take care of it then your fine its not gonna be easy but yull manage

  31. pie Says:

    im a teen parent and the only reason that i am is because didnt want 2 kill my baby,i think that is selfish and wrong,i dont regret 1 decision that i made. Im living with the consequences and im doing a good job at it. I didnt ruin my life and i didnt drop out of school. im just young which makes no difference in the ability in raising a child. i think im a better parent than some adults. So dont judge people for a decision they made.

  32. Kay Says:

    Teen pregnancy is controversial because nowadays its frowned upon and accepted by all of society. Teens are having babies becuase for 1. they enjoy sex(who doesnt) 2. they are careless about protection/ werent taught the consequences 3. maybe they just want babies. They affects of this on society are that babies are raising babies. These children are going to raise kids with the T INY bit of knowledge they have about life so far as they know it. Without “life experience” and common sense some of these teens are raising straight up gang members, criminals, and “unprofessional” individuals.

    BTW: I am 18 years old, my mom had me at 19 and she raised with the good common sense to think on my own and give my opinion in a manner that would do me justice….thats more than i can say for a lot of other people i kno my age. she also taught me (at 13) what sex was and what can happen if i am irresponsilbe and make a mistake. she also told about diseases and pregnancy. needless to say i listened to her and i DO have PROTECTED SEX with only 1 guy.

  33. UNKNOWN Says:

    I think that their is many things that makes teen pregnancy so controvery. to start with, it is the idea that it is this child who is about to give life to another child. also it is the idea that a 12-17 yr old girls are having sex.

    I think teenagers are having babies at a young age because they are probably just trying to be cool. also i think that they are having sex because they are being pressure by their partners.

    i think that it affects soicety alot because their are being alot of babies being brought to this world whom arent really being taken care of.

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