Can You Treat and Cure Kidney Cancer ?

by C. Regina

Here once more to deliver information you might on treatment removal for kidney cancer.

This reaserch was done for you out of love and to give the best information out there.

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To plan the best treatment, the doctor needs to know the stage (extent) of the disease. The stage is based on the size of the tumor, whether the cancer has spread and, if so, to what parts of the body.

Staging may involve imaging tests such as an ultrasound or a CT scan. The doctor also may use an MRI. For this test, a powerful magnet linked to a computer makes detailed pictures of organs and blood vessels.

Doctors describe kidney cancer by the following stages:

Stage I is an early stage of kidney cancer. The tumor measures up to 2 3/4 inches (7 centimeters). It is no bigger than a tennis ball. The cancer cells are found only in the kidney.

Stage II is also an early stage of kidney cancer, but the tumor measures more than 2 3/4 inches. The cancer cells are found only in the kidney.

Stage III is one of the following: The tumor does not extend beyond the kidney, but cancer cells have spread through the lymphatic system to one nearby lymph node; or The tumor has invaded the adrenal gland or the layers of fat and fibrous tissue that surround the kidney, but cancer cells have not spread beyond the fibrous tissue. Cancer cells may be found in one nearby lymph node; or The cancer cells have spread from the kidney to a nearby large blood vessel. Cancer cells may be found in one nearby lymph node.

Stage IV is one of the following: The tumor extends beyond the fibrous tissue that surrounds the kidney; or Cancer cells are found in more than one nearby lymph node; or The cancer has spread to other places in the body such as the lungs.

Recurrent cancer is cancer that has come back (recurred) after treatment. It may come back in the kidney or in another part of the body.


Many people with kidney cancer want to take an active part in making decisions about their medical care. They want to learn all they can about their disease and their treatment choices. However, shock and stress after the diagnosis can make it hard to think of everything they want to ask the doctor. It often helps to make a list of questions before an appointment. To help remember what the doctor says, people may take notes or ask whether they may use a tape recorder. Some also want to have a family member or friend with them when they talk to the doctor-to take part in the discussion, to take notes, or just to listen.

The doctor may refer the patient to a specialist, or the patient may ask for a referral. Specialists who can give the best treatment removal for kidney cancer include doctors who specialize in diseases of the urinary system (urologists) and doctors who specialize in cancer (medical oncologists and radiation oncologists).

Thanks again for taking time and reading, and remember there is always hope.

All the best.

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Question by mystifflilbrain420: ….cancer?
its been about 2 months since I’ve posted anything about throat sicknesses and i got over everything but last week or so i noticed my lymph gland is stiill swollen…..oh and i noticed a lump in my armpit it appeared a couple weeks ago i thought it was an ingrown hair but it isnt…

you think its related to cancer?

Best answer:

Answer by kate
no it has nothing to du wit cancer take antibiotics

What do you think? Answer below!

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    wow 93 pendj k no zabewn de muziika

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    now I understand what the word ” sucks ” mean

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    Yeah Mikey! Rockin that tamborine!

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    This song always makes me wanna cry or makes me cry because of the way he sings it. It is just so deep. :(

  7. ferretgal99 Says:

    whenever i hear this song i start crying and i think about my moms frends husbands who died of cancer. ever since than ive been trying to find ways to help others who have died of cancer

  8. purpyanny Says:

    I love them! ♥ they are amazing!!!

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    Amoo! esta Cancion :D D

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    My favorite song from mcr it’s
    Dead but this song it’s awesome

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    old times mcr the best :D this song make me cry :( so sad

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    i love .. my chemical romance… i love it song’

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    i love this song because it has so much meaning to it. love you mcr :D

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    Gee is crying poor :(

  22. DareToClickOnMe Says:

    Is he high? O.o

  23. LivCzechTHFan Says:

    My grandma was dying of cancer five years… :-( And she died last year in winter… Cancer is f*cking b*tch”!

  24. TheSuky95 Says:

    My boyfriend has cancer = (

  25. ThatIsOffTheHook Says:


  26. kishan p Says:

    hm…. you should rely go to the doc before its late dont worry if it is cancer its probly on its first stage but i doubt its cance but just on the safe side VISIT UR doc now!

  27. Beckham Says:

    This could be a cause for concern. Some signs of cancer are difficulty in swallowing, a constant nagging cough, lumps, a change in bowel habbits. If you’re really concerned, you should ask your doctor and be tested. Also, check your skin or moles constantly for any change in colour or size. If you experience any increase in these symptoms, or appearance of new ones, you should contact your doctor immediatly for a biopsy or scan.

  28. BdeLassus Says:

    truthfully, anything can be related to cancer.

    We cant diagnose you with cancer over the Internet. Go to the doctor. If you need antibiotics, that’s the only place you can get them. Besides, if you do have an infection that has been going on for 2 months, you need medicine to help you. If you ignore the symptoms then the bacteria can get into your blood and that IS fatal.

    Go to the doctor, you’ll be fine :)

  29. Tumtum Says:

    Enlarged lymph nodes can be caused by lymphoma, however there are a lot of other reasons you could have enlarged lymph nodes, most of which are infectious causes, like mono or various other infectinos. A doctor would be able to do a simple biopsy, called a Fine Needle Aspiration, there in the office, and you could find out within a couple of days if it is lymphoma or an infection, or something else. Try not to worry, but you should go see a doctor!

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