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picture of hemoroid

Symptom of Testicular Cancer

Ttesticular cancer can be curable when detected in the early stages, experts routinly recommend regular testicular self-examination after a hot shower, when the scrotum is looser and easier to inpsect and feel for lumps. Men should examine each testicle, by first feeling the sides for lumps and then compare the testicles to each other together to see if one testie is larger than the other testical.

Symptoms of testiclular cancer may include one or more of the following:

  • a sizable lump in one testicle
  • pain and discomfort in one or both testicle
  • blood found in semen during ejaculation
  • build-up of puss or fluid in the scrotum area
  • an ache or pain in the lower abdomen or groin area
  • an increase in size , or the significant decrease, in the size of the testicles.

Men of any age, young and old should report seeing any of these signs to a doctor.

Testicular cancerr can be found by ultrasound (of the testicles), X-rays, and/or CT-scans, which are used to locate tumors that are located in the testicals and scrotum. For nonseminomas, a simple and painless blood test is used to identify and measure the testical tumor indicators that are specific to that type of testicular cancer and its symptom.


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