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Protect Yourself in the Operating Room

(ARA) – Every year, thousands of people undergo surgery in American hospitals. Some are elective, others to save a life; but regardless of reason, if precautions aren’t taken in the operating room, there is a chance it could cost you your life.

“Realizing the dangers are out there, many hospitals have procedures in place to protect patients from accidental injury and death, but it doesn’t hurt for patients to take some precautionary steps of their own,” says Carolyn Twomey, Director of Clinical Affairs for Regent Medical, a global leader in the surgical glove market. “People need to talk to their doctors to make sure their concerns will be addressed, particularly as it pertains to the spread of dangerous diseases.”

Before entering the operating room, your surgeon will wash his or her hands with antiseptic and put on scrubs and surgical gloves. Ask him or her which surgical gloves will be used. All surgical gloves are not created equal. “The safest gloving system for both the patient and surgeon is one that offers double gloving,” says Twomey. “Blood from the patient stays on the outer glove, and because there’s that extra layer of protection, if the surgeon cuts the outer glove with the scalpel or snags a glove on something sharp, body fluids won’t transfer between the doctor and patient.”

An extra layer of protection is particularly important when dealing with a patient or surgeon who has Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B, which are highly contagious, very serious diseases that affect the liver. They are both spread through direct contact: Hepatitis A by not washing hands after using the bathroom or changing a diaper, eating uncooked food prepared by an infected person, and drinking contaminated water; and Hepatitis B through contact with infected body fluids which include blood, semen, vaginal secretions and saliva.

“In the operating room, you don’t want to take any chances. Double gloving can offer enhanced protection from these viruses, and HIV as well,” says Twomey. While many companies offer double gloving with two pairs of their standard gloves, Twomey points out that Regent Medical has really pioneered this area of medicine.

The company’s research and development team has created a patented double gloving puncture indication system using powder-free gloves that are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. The puncture indication system alerts the surgeon to any holes in the outer glove in the presence of fluid, and any compromises to their protection.

If a needle or other sharp object punctures the outer glove, ingress of fluid, will cause the area around the hole to appear darker in color, alerting the surgeon to stop and put on a new set of gloves.

These gloves are a favorite of Ronald Nichols, MD, Tulane University School of Medicine. “Rather than worrying that my own safety may be compromised, this type of alert system allows me to focus solely on the patient’s health and safety during any procedure,” he says.

“Not only does this system offer surgeons increased peace of mind, it could mean the difference between a successful outcome and significant complications,” says Twomey.

For more information about Regent Medical’s Visible Protection system, log on to

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