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Spice up Your Sex Life

Vibrators, we all know what they are but to be honest only a few of us know how to use one. When I first stated in the adult industry I was overwhelmed b the various types and there uses After all a vibrator is a vibrator Wright? Well no there not. A vibrator can come in many shapes and sizes and some designed to specifically stimulate certain intimate areas of our body's men and woman alike.

That's Wright men there's vibrators our there for you to. There are many different ways to use a vibrator, it is impossible to list them all because it lies up to the imagination! Be creative and let your imagination run wild. Explore your sexuality to its full extent. However I will share with you some tips that will ensure a completely satisfying and pleasurable experience The first and most important factor in a pleasurable experience is proper lubrication. Always use a water based personal lubricant with your vibrator for comfort and that slippery feel. Natural lubrication is often not enough and that could cause discomfort. A great lubrication is Super Silk which will not stain and water based.

A recent study showed that the majority of woman do not enjoy there vibrators simply because they relied on there own natural lubrication and did not us a personal lubricant. Always make sure your personal lubricant is water based because silicone lubricant will ruin silicone vibrators, silicone lubricants will ruin silicone vibrators so pay lose attention to the manufactures requirement. You can use a vibrator in more ways than you probably know. Using a vibrator with you partner as foreplay is a great way to add stimulation. Some prefer full vaginal penetration while some prefer a gentle massage of the genital area. Used correctly can result in heighten pleasure and a more intense orgasm.

You can use a vibrator anally if you wash it with sex toy cleaner first before inserting it into the vagina. It is always best to stay on the safe side and buy anal toys for anal use only and keep your vibrator for vaginal use only. Remember always use a recommended sex toy cleaner before and after use. A Few Tips: - Never share a vibrator unless you put a condom on it first - For best results use a water based lubricant. Silicone lubricants can damage silicone vibrators. - Use a rabbit vibrator upside down, meaning use the clitoral stimulator 'rabbit ears' to stimulate your anus, another erogenous! - Experiment! Use your vibrator a massager during foreplay. - Visit this Sex Toy shop for a great selection of vibrators

Is impotence affecting your sex life?



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