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Reducing Car Insurance Costs?

Everyone likes a discount, but discount car insurance? When attempting to save money, it is important to start cutting costs wherever appropriate. One great way to streamline expenses is to closely examine your current car insurance costs. Everyone wants the best overall price for their insurance policies, but some car insurance coverage is really something you should splurge on.

What may seem like a wasted expense could more than pay for itself in the long term. A good example of recommended coverage is the "add on" expense of rental car insurance. The small line item on your policy (usually around $20 a year) can be more than worth it in the long run. If your car or truck is in the shop for repairs, a rental car can be covered by your car insurance policy. If you don't have this coverage, you could end up paying the total rental car expense yourself. Ask your agent about their specific limits of rental coverage for your policy.

In the majority of cases, you are allowed a reimbursement of $25 per day for a maximum of coverage of 25 days. If you have ever been involved in a major car accident, you probably already know that twenty-five days in the body repair shop can go by very quickly. You may get your car back weeks and even months later than originally promised. Sometimes delays are caused by service writers waiting on your insurance adjuster to make an initial visit and approve your claim.

Days are often lost ordering, and in some cases special ordering, replacement parts. And often the customer ends up paying for additional caused by human nature and errors. These factors are all important elements to consider when you wonder why it can take months to repair a vehicle these days. Make sure to remind your repair shop about your rental car limits, and hold them accountable for all rental car expenses not covered under your car insurance policy.

Some shops may not make this agreement with you--which might be a good indicator on how long they think actual repair time will likely take. So examine your car insurance policy carefully, get quotes from several insurance companies, and make sure that you aren't paying too much for your coverage.

But just as importantly, in the same process make sure that you do have the coverage that you need to be adequately insured. Only then have you done your homework and can rest assured that your policy--discount car insurance or not--will meet your needs in the months and years to come.

Austin Davis is a freelance writer and consumer advocate for the auto repair and car insurance sectors. Find auto insurance in your area.


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