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Keeping Eye Sight Health in Sight for the Summer

(ARA) - Summer is here and millions of Americans are gearing up for vacations, road trips or just fun in the sun. However, many vacationers and recreational enthusiasts have a tendency to take for granted the important role that good vision plays in enjoying these activities to the fullest.

That is one of the reasons why it’s important to take preventative measures against common summer-related eye problems. “When summer comes, we’re so eager to get out there and enjoy, that we might forget to take the necessary precautions to keep our eyes happy and healthy,” said optometrist Dr. Cathy Tibbetts. “Warm weather elements such as ultraviolet rays, beach sand, salt water, dust and pollen can cause our eyes discomfort, which hampers our ability to enjoy warm-weather activities.”

In addition to being an eye doctor, Tibbetts is also a summer marathon runner and adventure racer who requires the best-quality of vision possible -- something she calls “high-definition vision.” “To me ‘high-definition vision’ comprises three components, which are excellent visual quality, comfort and health -- balancing all three elements is important,” said Tibbetts. Dr. Tibbetts offered some easy summer eye health tips on how to experience “high-definition vision” this summer: Travelin’ light For people planning summer travel, especially to the great outdoors where there are few sanitary conditions in which to remove and store contact lenses, Dr. Tibbetts recommends contacts lenses such as PureVision, which fit an active lifestyle while providing exceptional vision, comfort, health and convenience.

Sharpen your night vision Studies have found that most people have difficulty seeing clearly in low light conditions, some of which result from the way light passes through the curved parts of the eye. This can be a problem because many summer activities such as campfires, walks on the beach or fireworks occur during dusky, dimly lit conditions. However, a contact lens, such as PureVision, allows the wearer to get more enjoyment from such activities because it provides excellent vision at all times, most notably in low-light conditions, while combining enhanced optics with one of the healthiest contact lens materials available.

Make sunglasses an essential part of your summer style Years of research have proved that ultraviolet rays are damaging to your eyes. Wearing sunglasses can dramatically decrease the negative impact of the sun’s rays on your eyes, but they can be cumbersome to wear over prescription eyeglasses. Dr. Tibbetts says contact lenses not only correct eyesight, but they allow sunglasses to be worn comfortably and provide relief from the summer sun glare. For more general eye health information and the latest contact lens technology, Dr. Tibbetts recommends the Web site Protect your eye care sight vision.

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