How Does Medicare Health Care Insurance Really Work

February 3rd, 2011
by The Doctr

Medicare is the government’s contract to provide healthcare insurance coverage for Americans over the age of 65. But, as with all contracts, it’s always smart to read the fine print.

Medicare pays for about half of all medical costs for older Americans, including hospitalization, doctors, some nursing care, some prescription drug costs, and medical equipment and supplies. But there’s much that Medicare doesn’t cover, as well as an alphabet soup of coverages, premiums, deductibles, and eligibility requirements that can be difficult to navigate — especially for someone facing a health crisis.
Here are the basics everyone should know about Medicare, and where to look for more information if you need it:

What is Medicare?

Medicare consists of four categories: Part A covers hospitalization, some skilled nursing facility and home health care, and hospice. Part B covers doctors’ services and outpatient care such as X-rays, laboratory work, some home health care, physical and occupational therapy, and some preventive screening. Then there’s Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, which is Medicare received through a private managed care system such as an HMO (health maintenance organization) or PPO (preferred provider organization). When someone enrolls in a Medicare Advantage plan, they receive all the benefits of Medicare Parts A and B, as well as some additional coverage provided by the private plan. As with other managed care, however, Medicare Advantage plans limit where and how their members may receive care. Finally, there’s Medicare Part D, which consists of private insurance plans that partially cover prescription drug costs.

Most people qualify for all Medicare programs if they’re 65 or older and are citizens or permanent residents of the United States. However, eligibility rules and availability are different for each plan within Medicare.

· For Part A, people are automatically eligible without paying any premium if, in addition to the age and residency requirements, they worked and paid Social Security taxes for at least ten years. If not, they may still buy into Part A coverage for a yearly premium.

· For Part B, every citizen and legal resident over 65 is eligible. Even if someone is under age 65, he or she may qualify for both Part A and B if he or she has been receiving Social Security disability benefits for two years or has a chronic kidney disease.

· If they’re eligible for Parts A and B, they can choose to receive that coverage through a Part C Medicare Advantage managed care plan, if a plan they like is available where they live.

· Anyone eligible for Medicare may purchase a Part D prescription drug plan offered by private insurance companies in the state where they live.
Enrollment is different for each part of Medicare. People who are receiving any type of Social Security benefits when they turn 65 will be automatically enrolled in Parts A and B. Medicare will send them enrollment cards and information about three months before their 65th birthdays. If they aren’t automatically enrolled, they may sign up for Part A or Part B at any local Social Security office. They should enroll two or three months before they turn 65, to ensure prompt coverage.
If they delay enrolling in Part A past their 65th birthday, their coverage can date back to up to six months before the date they do apply. Delaying enrollment in Part B is more of a problem. If they wait more than three months after their 65th birthday to enroll in Part B, they may not enroll until January 1 of the following year, and the coverage won’t start until July 1 of that year.

If they want to enroll in Part C or D of Medicare, they do so with the private managed care plan or insurance company that runs the particular plan or issues the policy they want. If they don’t enroll in Part C or D when they turn 65, or if they want to switch coverage under Part C or D, they can do so during Medicare’s annual enrollment period, which falls between November 15 and December 31. (Some managed care plans and insurance companies also allow enrollment throughout the year.)
They can go to any doctor, hospital, clinic, outpatient provider, nursing facility, home care agency, or pharmacy that is approved by Medicare and that accepts Medicare patients. Before a visit, it’s essential to verify that the doctor or other provider accepts Medicare.

What’s covered by Medicare?

Medicare is intended primarily to provide coverage if when someone becomes ill or injured. This includes hospitalization, doctors’ services, lab work, X-rays, hospice, and just about every kind of outpatient care, as well as some inpatient nursing facility and psychiatric care.
Over the years, however, Medicare has evolved to also cover a range of preventive and screening services through the Part B plan. Some of these services include cardiovascular screening; smoking cessation counseling; screening for breast, cervical, vaginal, colon, and prostate cancers; immunizations for flu, pneumococcal virus, and hepatitis B; diabetes screening and supplies; glaucoma tests; and a “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam. Most Medicare Part C managed care plans offer even more of these preventive and screening services.

For those who meet certain requirements for home health care, Medicare also pays for part-time nursing care; part-time health aides; speech, physical, and occupational therapy; and medical supplies and equipment such as bandages and wheelchairs.

Under Part D, the prescription drug benefit, Medicare covers part of the cost of approved generic and brand-name prescription drugs purchased at participating pharmacies.

Medicare isn’t intended or designed to provide long-term nursing home or in-home care, so there are significant gaps in these areas. Families can’t rely on Medicare to pay for 24-hour at-home care, meals, delivery services, and many of the personal services provided by home health aides (except for some skilled nursing care for a short time if it’s medically necessary ).

Although Medicare has added many preventive services to its coverage in recent years, many such routine care needs are not yet covered, including dental care, medical treatment outside the United States, routine foot care, glasses, and hearing aids. Medicare coverage for mental health treatment — including depression, which is a growing issue among people over 65 — is also significantly limited. And Medicare doesn’t cover elective procedures, including cosmetic surgery.

Most important, make sure the doctors you have in mind accept Medicare, or the program won’t pay for even covered costs. This is also true for outpatient care and home care, and for prescription drugs, which Medicare patients must buy from a pharmacy that participates in their particular Part D insurance plan.

Each part of Medicare has a different payment system. And within each part, patients’ out-of-pocket costs will depend on the particular way they receive their benefits. However, the following basic information about premiums and copayments holds true in most cases. The figures given are for 2010.

· Part A: Most people pay no premium for Medicare Part A. People who aren’t automatically eligible for Part A pay a monthly premium of up to 1. Everyone with Part A pays a deductible of ,100 for each period of hospitalization, and copayments for each day past the first 60 days of a particular hospital stay.

· Part B: Every individual pays a premium of at least .40 a month for Part B coverage, deducted from monthly Social Security checks; this figure goes up for people with high incomes. A person must also meet an annual deductible of 5. After the deductible, Medicare pays 80 percent of the approved amount for covered doctor services, and 80 to 100 percent of the approved amount for outpatient services and medical equipment. Those who don’t enroll in Part B when they turn 65 can enroll later — but each year they put it off, the premium increases by 10 percent.

· Part C: Part C Medicare Advantage private managed care health plans lump Part A and B together, offering one monthly premium and the plan’s own set of copayments and deductibles. It’s important to check not only premiums but also out-of-pocket costs when considering one of these plans.

· Part D: Every prescription drug plan under Part D has different premiums, copayments, and coverages. In choosing a plan, be sure not to focus solely on the lowest monthly premium but also on coverage of the specific drugs needed and any copayments that might apply.
Where can I find more information about Medicare?

More detailed information about each part of Medicare is offered in the articles on this site listed below. You can also look at the federal website for Medicare and Medicaid, as well as at Benefits Checkup, an online service run by the National Council on Aging that can help you identify which government benefits your seniors qualify for and how to enroll.

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Question by Dementia: When does Medicare require the referring doctor’s name on electronically filed claims?
I’ve run into problems when calling referring doctors’ offices for their NPI numbers, which are necessary if the referring doctor’s name is on the claim. Is the name of the referring doctor ALWAYS necessary on electronically-filed Medicare claims? Some offices don’t even know what one is!

Best answer:

Answer by Man of La Mancha

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My School Essay On Teen Pregnancy

February 3rd, 2011
Teen Pregnancy
by mdmarkus66

Sample Essay

Words 1,320

1. Engagement

A. Problem: A fourteen year old girl who is pregnant and all alone with handling her condition. The family is not supporting her in this difficult time and the baby’s father is hardly around.

B. Feelings: The girl got pregnant at the age of 14 and had no clue what to do. People these days seem to talk of only two or three solutions to teen pregnancy, although most people forget another, which is adoption. This is the choice that she has made, which has turned out to be the best yet hardest decision of that she has ever made in her life. She has examined her options and considered what life would be like with a baby. She has decided that she is not yet ready (and in fact will not be ready for several years) to take care of a baby.

C. Goals:  Her goals are to learn to care for herself and the baby, continue her education, and find a job so that she can become self-sufficient

2. Data Collection

A. Problem:  A fourteen year old girl is pregnant without any family support. She is very confused and scared of what is going to happen to her between now and  the time the baby is born.

Person:  A fourteen-year-old girl who is scared and confused because she is pregnant.
Environment: Her home environment is not a very healthy one. Her parents do not approve of her being pregnant and as a result they do not support her.

Please visit our website for essay and term paper help.

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Question by Junie: What causes teen girls to ignore a pregnancy until the birth?
I’m talking about the occasional case of a young woman who somehow ignores a pregnancy until a baby suddenly arrives. This often ends in tragedy when the girl panics and abandons the child. What influences could lead to this behavior?

1) On a small scale – what sort of family dynamics might she have, what sort of personality, etc. What might pre-dispose a young woman to ignoring a pregnancy?

2) On a larger scale, is our society somehow leading to this problem? Is there such shame involved with teen pregnancy? Is it a lack of resources for mothers? Is it an emphasis on career over motherhood? Or, could it be an emphasis on avoiding abortion? Any and all ideas are welcome.
A pregnancy is often not seen as a blessing, even for women with adequate resources. Even a surprise pregnancy in a 25 year old with a job is greeted with “oh no!” by friends and family. That’s what I mean by “an emphasis on career over motherhood”.

Best answer:

Answer by uz
if the teen is really young and hasn’t started having REGULAR periods, the skipped periods may be normal for them. And some of them don’t show, or jsutify the changes enough not to realize that they really are pregnant. I know an adult woman with PCO who did not know about her pregnancy till she went into labor. I see how that could be a blessing

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CPT Codes For PAP Smears

February 3rd, 2011
Pap Smear
by euthman

When a patient comes back to your office for a repeat Pap smear, you need to measure your options of E/M and specimen handling codes as well as diagnosis codes. Take this test to see how you fare and put off payment from slipping through your fingers.

Question 1: What CPT code should you report when a patient comes in for a second Pap smear? And why?

Answer: Here’s what CPT codes to use.

When the patient comes in for a Pap smear second time round, submit the right E/M office visit code. You are likely to be able to report 99212 for this visit as the patient will come in only for the Pap smear and CPT does not include a specific code for taking the Pap. Code 99212 carries 1.08 RVUs, unadjusted for geography. This translates to about for this visit (using the new conversion factor of 28.3868).

Question 2: Will you get reimbursement for handling the repeat Pap smear? Why or why not?

Answer 2: Handling the specimen depends on payer

Some private payers will compensate for handling the repeat Pap smear specimen. However, Medicare carriers think the collection and handling part of a problem E/M service, and you shouldn’t code for it separately.

To add to it, Medicare will not reimburse for Q0091 for the repeat Pap smear as it’s a diagnostic test. In this case, Medicare thinks of the service as a problem E/M, not a preventive screening, and the specimen collection is part of the E/M service.

For more answers to questions such as this, sign up for a CPT coding website. When you sign up for one, you’ll get answers to all the CPT coding queries you may have.

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Question by Amy: What causes a pap smear to come back with abnormal a typical cells?
I got a pap smear and it came back showing abnormal a typical cells. im also experiencing more discharge than normal. the discharge looks normal. but i was just wondering what causes pap smears to come back that way… what it could be…

Best answer:

Answer by Sierra
My doctor once told me that it doesn’t always mean something bad. They’ll just have to do more tests. Make a follow up appointment and hope for the best. Don’t worry you’ll be fine.

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Will My Pap Smear Determine If I Have HPV or Genital Wart ?

February 3rd, 2011
Pap Smear
by Davao Today

More Genital Warts questions please visit

Does a colposcopy hurt for hpv?
does it hurt n make u bleed alot im scared a colposcopy is the graceful part. i’ve had it done since and there is absolutely nil to be freaked out about. a pap smear is honestly worse. what you’re worrying about is the adjectives biopsy…

Does a conventional pap smear rule out HPV?
As far as I know the way to find out if you have HPV is through a pap smear, which would be unusual. Is this correct? A Pap smear cannot communicate you definitively whether you have HPV. Only an HPV test, which can usually be…

Does a distrustful papsmear penny-pinching that one doesn´t enjoy HPV?
I could not understand whether the cancer causing HPV strains enjoy a latent period. For instance, if i have a positive smear (only a few abnormal cells), then three negative, does this mean i am free of this virus, or is there still…

Does a genital wart come subsidise surrounded by impossible to tell apart spot adjectives the time?
have one spot where a bump keep showing up…had the doc look at it once but he said it was an ingrown coat and that i should stop shaving in the puibc area. when i do shave…

Does a hpv similar to genital wart can verbs thru kissing?
im a hpv carrier.. im afraid that the virus i have will verbs to the person i kiss always… no. and once any signs of it are gone you’ve solved 90% of the problem, just always use a condom. ALWAYS! I come…

Yes, men can transmit HPV to a woman. Some strains of HPV can cause warts. Other strains of HPV can mete out cancer.No, HPV does not cause miscarriages. Well, not unless your HPV…

Does a mole and HPV look alike?
ok I am 22 and all the sudden got something that looks similar to a mole. It is on my bikini line. Its not on my vigina but on my leg. I am scared to meditate that It could be something but I do shave so…

Does a negative/normal papsmear suggest I don’t own HPV?
I recently noticed a small something surrounded by my vagina area and went to planned motherhood. It was too small to send surrounded by as a sample for genital warts cause by HPV. So I received a papsmear and with the…

Does a pap experiment merely exam for cancer or does it oral exam for hpv also?
my daughter had pap tests for 4 years. every year one would come stern negative then subsequent positive. finally when she was pregnant with her first child the HPV be discovered. She had to have a cone…

Does a pap smear detect adjectives strains of hpv?
A pap smear only detects the known strains of HPV. Viruses are particular to mutate often and there may be unknown forms of the virus. The subtypes are dealt with individual by scientists and microbiologists. Only after a lot of researching are they addd to the…

Does a pap smear examination automatically eyeshade for hpv?
A clinician will perform a Pap test at your regular gynecological exam. It’s used to examine the cell of the cervix in order to detect cancerous or precancerous cell. Pap tests can detect symptoms of sexually transmitted infections. With the exception of trichomoniasis, they cannot detect…

Does a pap smear show if i own hpv or genital wart?
Its crazy because my husband showed me sum bumps he had around his anal. At the time i didnt think anything of it but after i checked on the internet and i looked at pictures of stds. They looked like genital…

Does a plantar wart on my foot imply I’m HPV positive?
I found three warts on my right foot and I did some research about HPV and deem I’m positive. Does having a plantar wart make me HPV positive? I am currently using a drug call Duo-plant to remove them and it’s working…

Does a positive HPV infect a man? If so what does the man enjoy to enjoy done?
I’m a nursing student but I’m pretty sure what we learned about HPV is that in attendance is no test that can be done to determine if a man has contracted HPV itself. Now,…

Does a regular pap examination detect hpv surrounded by women?
yes. Depends on assorted things…the strain of hpv (because there are well over 150 strains) as very well as if it is an active virus or not. Some of the strains cause wart, some do not. It is my understanding that most paps do…

Does adjectives HPV 16 and 18 turn into Cervical Caner even near untimely medical assistance?
I wanted to know if all HPV 16 and 18 virus turn into Cervical Cancer…even near early detection? It is a persistent high risk HPV types that can progress to a cancer. Early dictions dispense our…

Does Aldara cream when used for genital wart oblige you punch-up the virus or basically obtain rid of wart?? Confused!?
I have been using Aldara cream for a small amount of genital wart (I’m female) for about 1 week now. I’ve done some research since I started using it, but I’m confused,…

Does an abornmal PAP result necessarily suggest that I own HPV? What are the probability that I hold HPV?
I got my first pap because my husband and I have be having trouble conceiving and it came support ABNORMAL. I read the report results and it says, RARE ATYPICAL SQUAMOUS CELLS. I was…

Does an HPV examination scan for adjectives the different types of the virus?
Having the Pap Smear Done doesn’t check for different Virus. Its purpose is to detech exceptional cells in and around the cervix. The virus effects the cell. I hope that this helped you with your ask. Best of luck. …

Does an HPV infection require sugery?
My friend has to go within for surgery of his anal warts. He has to enjoy complete anesthesia. Is this treatment normal for someone who was with the sole purpose recently diagnosed with HPV? Many things I hold read have mentioned only local anesthesia, and I be…

Does an phenomenal pap trial other indicate it’s HPV?
I had my annual pap test come fund as abnormal for the first time. On top of that, my followup appointment/biopsy has be cancelled due to my OBGYN having to deliver a baby — so I’ve have wayyyy too much time to think about…

Does an unexpected pap smear other miserable HPV?
Also, i thought this was a virus that stays in you forever but i hold read on the internet that the body can clear it up itself within around 8 months. Im very confused and want to know formerly my second pap smear. …

Does any one own genital wart out at hand I expect i enjoy it but im not sure?
my penis is very slightly burning and itchy, and there is 2 remarkably small white bumps on my penis is this it Is my life over? Sometimes, genital wart actually cause some burning and…

Does any one know how they audition 4 HVP,the audition for genital wart?
They do it by your everyday pap smear. It there any abnormal cell, they will do further testing by rescheduling another, more detailed pap smear. Just because your first pap comes back dignified in abnormal cell doensn’t mean you have HPV. If…

Does any one know what the cost of treatment for genital wart is?
my cousin has just be diagnosed with it and she doesnt have insurence so we are trying to digit out the cost of treatment to see if we will have to save up money Depends on the treatment.Podophylline…

Question by Jenna: What if your pap smear comes back abnormal?
I called the family planning to make an appointment for birth control. (my mom doesn’t know i’m going) but when i get a pap smear. what if it comes back abnormal? I don’t think anything bad runs in my family. but if it comes back abnormal what will happen?
Do they treat something or should i tell my mom?
What even makes pap smears come back abnormal?
So my questions are..

What is wrong when you have an abnormal pap smear? Do you have like a disease?

Do they treat whatever you have or do you have to tell your parents?

Best answer:

Answer by Leslie
Write your questions down and when you go for birth control….ask them. They have ALL the answers. And are very willing to give you the information.

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How Do I Know If I Have Type 2 Diabetes ?

February 1st, 2011
by Camp ASCCA

Diabetes also known as ‘Diabetes Mellitus’ is a medical disease of metabolic characterized by increasing level of glucose (sugar) in blood followed by insufficient generation of insulin, in body or irresponsiveness of body cells to the insulin generated. Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for producing energy out of sugar, starches and other foods of the body. The natural process of producing blood sugar in body is at a narrow level which is done by insulin and glucagon, responsible for producing energy by releasing glucose from the cells of lever to the blood. Insufficient quantity of insulin in body causes abnormal production of glucose in the blood stream, a major factor for aggravating blood sugar levels with many subsequent health complications.

‘Diabetes Mellitus is such lifelong medical disorder that needs proper medical attention together with diet cautions under the medical observation of expert dieticians and physicians.

There are three main types of diabetes such as Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. In this article we will highlight about type 2 diabetes.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is medically a choric syndromes caused by increased level of sugar in blood followed by insulin resistance and its insufficient production in the body. Type 2 Diabetes is also known as NIDDM – Non-insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus. Dietary modifications and enough exercise are said to manage onset of diabetes in patients. The medical treatments of the patients are subject to their conditional situations and subsequent medical attention, accordingly.

Sign and symptoms

Patients affected with type 2 diabetes undergo with few medical symptoms like frequent urination, increased appetite, increased thirst, weight loss and exhaustion. Sometimes the patients also experience blurred vision and erectile dysfunction, a medical condition for inability to erect penis enough for sexual intercourse.


A number of improper lifestyles such as less healthy food intakes, minimum or no physical activity, too much smoking, and consumption of alcohol in abnormal quantity are said to be prime factors for type 2 diabetes. As per medical conditions, some factors are responsible for aggravating diabetes. They are obesity, hypertension, high blood sugar, insulin resistance and other metabolic syndromes. As per the genetic conditions some factors like relatives with type 2 diabetes, age more than 45 years, myotonic dystrophy – a medical condition of wasting of muscles, Friedreich’s ataxia- it damages nervous system causing speech problems and heart disease, Wolfram syndrome – affecting brain stem and central nervous system.


The medical treatment is primarily focused on diminishing high blood glucose level in the body. Constant long term medication for decreasing glucose level will eventually slows down diabetes related syndromes. In addition to that, proper healthy food intake and regular exercise are also said to be effective treatments of patients with type 2 diabetes syndromes. The patients should follow particular dietary chart for preventing blood sugar from getting higher or lower. They also make sure that their medication is properly done under medical observation of physicians and dietary experts. They should also change their unusual lifestyles causing a grave concern for aggravating diabetes.

Therefore, we can say that in spite of all the medical treatments available for type 2 diabetes, patients should follow all preventive measures lest the risk of aggravating the disease should slow down.

How diabetes occurs and how to treat it. Watch this and more health videos at:
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Question by Shorty: Can low blood sugar lead to diabetes? Or can the symptoms be confused with one another?
I have low blood sugar but recently I looked up symptoms of diabetes and I have:
Blurry Vision
Increase hunger
Even if I don’t have diabetes, how does it explain my blurry vision? Can low blood sugar lead to diabetes?

Best answer:

Answer by baby with ansers
it is called hypoglosimic,it will eventully turn into high suger.plese go to the doc and tell him your syms,either way it can lead to death.and as for the eyes,your retnia could be detacing from your eye

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What Is The Best Medicare Supplement Plan

January 30th, 2011
by Korean Resource Center 민족학교

Best Medicare Supplement

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to finding the best Medicare Supplement (also referred to as Medigap).

Most people want coverage for what they are paying out of their own pocket for Medicare’s co-insurance, co-pays and deductibles – and they want that coverage at the lowest possible price.

Here’s a secret that could save you a lot of time, money and effort – it’s one of the biggest differences in Medicare Supplement plans. Each insurer can sell the exact same Medicare Supplement plans at a different price!

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized so if you buy Plan F, for instance, from any insurer, you’ll get the same coverage, but you may find it at a much lower price with comparison-shopping.

You can get professional help to compare Medicare Supplement plans from the Medicare planning team at MediGap Advisors. With years of experience in Medicare Supplement insurance, these experts know Medicare Supplement plans and the insurers offering them.

Just call MediGap Advisors at 866-681-7712 to get the answers you need and find the best Medicare Supplement plans. MediGap Advisors can help you sort through the 10 Medicare Supplement plans now available by comparing your situation and needs to the benefits of each plan. They’ll take a look at your biggest health care expenses and show you the best Medicare Supplement plans to protect you from charges that Medicare doesn’t cover.

If hospital care is a big concern for you, you’ll need coverage for Medicare’s Part A ,100 deductible because you have to spend that much out-of-pocket per illness before Medicare pays for hospital bills. You can take care of the Part A deductible with any one of nine Medicare Supplement plans.

If you spend a lot on doctor office visits, you have to meet an annual Part B deductible before Medicare pays for your doctor bills. The best Medicare Supplement plans, the ones with the most comprehensive coverage, reimburse you for the Part B deductible.

Medicare Supplement plans C and F will reimburse you for that deductible regardless of how much it is in any given year.

Medicare pays for 80% of a pre-approved amount for doctors’ services, after the Part B deductible has been met. You can choose from seven of the best Medicare Supplement plans to pay for the 20% that’s left.

Your doctor may charge more for a procedure than Medicare will pay. When Medicare covers 80% of a pre-approved amount, Medigap covers 20% of the same pre-approved amount. Your doctor could charge a lot more than Medicare’s pre-approved amount and leave you to make up the difference.

The best Medicare Supplement plans help with doctor’s excess charges. Medigap Plan G pays for 80% of any doctor charges above what Medicare will pay. For a slightly higher premium, Plan F will cover 100% of these excess charges.

The best Medicare Supplement plans help whenever Medicare doesn’t completely cover your health care expenses. That includes doctor and hospital bills, but it also helps with skilled nursing facilities and even emergency care when you’re traveling out of the country.

If you have to go to a skilled nursing facility, Medicare will cover 20 days of care in a skilled nursing facility following hospitalization. You have to meet your Part A deductible before Medicare picks up the charges. After 20 days, you have to pay for a portion the daily costs from day 21 through 100, but eight Medigap plans will pay your share for those days.

If you travel abroad, Medicare has no coverage at all for any emergency medical care outside of the country. You can travel safely with several of the best Medicare Supplement plans. They will cover 80% of your emergency medical care during the first 60 days you’re abroad, with a 0 deductible.

The best Medicare Supplement plans cover your costs whenever Medicare will not pay.

To find the plan that’s just right for you, list your biggest health care costs and see which Medicare Supplement plans cover those charges for the lowest premiums. After you compare Medicare Supplement plans, compare the prices different insurers are offering on the plan you like most.

You can save a lot of time and effort with free professional advice from the Medicare Supplement experts.

As the nation’s leading independent agency specializing in Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap plans), MediGap Advisors can show you how you can save money with the best Medigap plans that fit your needs and your situation.

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Question by glory: Medicare question: Should I choose a Medicare Advantage Plan or go with Medicare and a Supplement?
I’m turning 65 soon. So I’m faced with a choice: Do I choose to go with Medicare and a medicare supplement plan? Or do I choose a Medicare Supplement Plan such as the AARP United Health plan? Can anyone recommend a supplement with a low monthly premium? Seniors, what is your experience? Any tips you’d like to share?

Best answer:

Answer by mamacedar
I signed up with the one that walmart sells – Secure Horizons by United Healthcare. There are no premiums to pay. I don’t understand how it works, but somehow Medicare pays for it. My only copay is office visit $ 5, Spec/$ 15 and ER $ 50. The phone number on the back of the card is 1-866-579-8774 .

I already had some other health plan which deducted money from my SS check, but there was this ‘sales lady ‘ standing in a booth at Walmart and when I told her how great mine was she said I can give you a policy that has no payment removed from your ss check. She came over to our house showed us all the details, answered all our questions, and we signed up for it. Sounds too good to be true, but so far it has paid everything (including RX) that we have needed.

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Will a Pap Smear Show a Yeast Infection ?

January 24th, 2011
Pap Smear
by Old Shoe Woman

Well, if you are looking for natural remedies to treat your yeast infection, then here is something that you must first know.
Yeast Infection And Abnormal Pap Smear We all have this yeast like, tiny little fungus called Candida Albicans in our body. But they never cause problem till certain conditions that render an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria and make the Candida to overgrow and multiply themselves with no control. That is what causes the infection starting with itching and rashes which gradually turn into various other uncomfortable conditions.

Cure Your Yeast Infection, 100% Guaranteed

So, what are that certain conditions that causes the imbalance?

Now this is important as they are the root causes of the infection and on which natural remedies focus on. And there are many conditions but the most common are poor nutrition, poor hygiene, oral contraception, wearing wet clothing (especially causes by sweat) for long periods, menstruation etc. Note that the fungus cannot multiply themselves without these right conditions.

That explains why drugs treatment cannot eliminate yeast infection completely

The simple answer is because drugs or creams applied to the affected area only treated the infection symptoms and not the root cause. Hence, using drugs and cream for prolonged period will only make the fungus become more resistant to them while you may notice a temporary relief. But eventually, the yeast will come back!

But is it possible to completely eradicate yeast infection without using drugs?

The simple answer is yes as natural remedies focus on the root cause of the infection. But you may need a combination of two or more of these natural remedies to make it works depending on the severity of your yeast infection.

The Danger of Chronic Yeast Infection

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Question by Anny: How do I get through a pap smear without getting tense?
I am 22 and getting a pap smear two days after my 23rd birthday. This will be the 3rd one I’ve ever gotten. The first for some reason didn’t hurt, and the last one hurt a lot and caused me to bleed.

I am nervous and dreading this. I want to not go but I know it’s necessary so I am making myself go through it.

I have a hard time relaxing during a pap smear. Any ideas on how I can relax so it does not hurt this time?

Best answer:

Answer by DLA
practice makes perfect

Give your answer to this question below!

Can You Treat and Cure Kidney Cancer ?

January 8th, 2011
by C. Regina

Here once more to deliver information you might on treatment removal for kidney cancer.

This reaserch was done for you out of love and to give the best information out there.

If you have found this info interensting you might be interested in reading more about the cancer remover program


To plan the best treatment, the doctor needs to know the stage (extent) of the disease. The stage is based on the size of the tumor, whether the cancer has spread and, if so, to what parts of the body.

Staging may involve imaging tests such as an ultrasound or a CT scan. The doctor also may use an MRI. For this test, a powerful magnet linked to a computer makes detailed pictures of organs and blood vessels.

Doctors describe kidney cancer by the following stages:

Stage I is an early stage of kidney cancer. The tumor measures up to 2 3/4 inches (7 centimeters). It is no bigger than a tennis ball. The cancer cells are found only in the kidney.

Stage II is also an early stage of kidney cancer, but the tumor measures more than 2 3/4 inches. The cancer cells are found only in the kidney.

Stage III is one of the following: The tumor does not extend beyond the kidney, but cancer cells have spread through the lymphatic system to one nearby lymph node; or The tumor has invaded the adrenal gland or the layers of fat and fibrous tissue that surround the kidney, but cancer cells have not spread beyond the fibrous tissue. Cancer cells may be found in one nearby lymph node; or The cancer cells have spread from the kidney to a nearby large blood vessel. Cancer cells may be found in one nearby lymph node.

Stage IV is one of the following: The tumor extends beyond the fibrous tissue that surrounds the kidney; or Cancer cells are found in more than one nearby lymph node; or The cancer has spread to other places in the body such as the lungs.

Recurrent cancer is cancer that has come back (recurred) after treatment. It may come back in the kidney or in another part of the body.


Many people with kidney cancer want to take an active part in making decisions about their medical care. They want to learn all they can about their disease and their treatment choices. However, shock and stress after the diagnosis can make it hard to think of everything they want to ask the doctor. It often helps to make a list of questions before an appointment. To help remember what the doctor says, people may take notes or ask whether they may use a tape recorder. Some also want to have a family member or friend with them when they talk to the doctor-to take part in the discussion, to take notes, or just to listen.

The doctor may refer the patient to a specialist, or the patient may ask for a referral. Specialists who can give the best treatment removal for kidney cancer include doctors who specialize in diseases of the urinary system (urologists) and doctors who specialize in cancer (medical oncologists and radiation oncologists).

Thanks again for taking time and reading, and remember there is always hope.

All the best.

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Question by mystifflilbrain420: ….cancer?
its been about 2 months since I’ve posted anything about throat sicknesses and i got over everything but last week or so i noticed my lymph gland is stiill swollen…..oh and i noticed a lump in my armpit it appeared a couple weeks ago i thought it was an ingrown hair but it isnt…

you think its related to cancer?

Best answer:

Answer by kate
no it has nothing to du wit cancer take antibiotics

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Common Symptoms of Teen Pregnancy

January 4th, 2011
Teen Pregnancy
by lisby1

When you are pregnant there will always be symptoms that will indicate that you are pregnant or not. These will help you to easily tell that you are still pregnant in the all course of this period that you will be going through. Often we have looked at the symptoms that are there in adults and have overlooked the symptoms of teen pregnancy. All is due beliefs that teen will not get pregnant in there early ages. After all these beliefs have finally become invalid because of many teen being pregnant we are finally looking at the symptoms that will help us notice the changes in there pregnancy.

Looking for these symptoms is all because we want to know that changes that are taking place in the development of the baby at there age. We are all here because of curiosity or researching on many different things that we are currently looking at. Expectation of many people is that the symptoms are going to de different from those of the adults that are pregnant. I am sorry to say that this fact is not true. Being an adult or a teenager they are all pregnant the symptoms are not of age but of the pregnancy that these two groups are carrying.

However due to the age difference there will also be some symptoms that will be due to there age. These are the only symptoms that will be different from the adults to the teenager though not many. Currently the symptoms that will be notice in Teens are as per below list:

Missed period

Frequent urination


Changes in appetite

Nausea or vomiting

Tenderness and fullness of breasts

All these are major symptoms that many will be able to experience in the course of there pregnancy. These will be in the early stages and might be different as the pregnancy grows.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by yoshi: teen pregnancy?
im doing a survey for one of my college classes and i was wondering if i could get some input from other people.

what makes teen pregnancy a controversy?
why is it that teenagers are having babies at such a young age?
what do you believe are the effects on society?

Best answer:

Answer by Grace!!!
I dont think its that controversal, but if it is then it is because you would think people would get educated and not get pregnant but they still do and its so stupid. They think they know it all, they know nothing.
I think its because they are uneducated and there parents dont keep an eye on them. They think it wont happen to them and they shirk all responsability.
I think the effct on society is that the girls that have these babies expect society to look after them and most of them dont have jobs. It cant be good for society.

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What Happens During a Pap Smear

January 2nd, 2011
Pap Smear
by Davao Today

Going to the gynecologist can often times be a scary thing. However, it is a good thing to know ahead of time what to expect once you are there. One gynecology problem is related to a pap smear. If you get a call from your gynecologist saying you had an abnormal pap smear you may want to know more about what he/she is talking about.

Your cervix is just a few inches inside of your vagina. You will be asked to undress either completely or from the waist down for the procedure. A speculum is inserted so that your doctor can more easily get to your cervix. Cell samples are taken with a small brush or spatula. This is usually painless and is sometimes undetectable by the patient.

Since women are at a greater risk for cervical cancer and HPV when sexually active, the frequency that she needs to get a pap smear depends on how sexually active she is. It is recommended for most women to get themselves tested every year while others who have normal results for consecutive years may reduce their pap tests to once every three years.

A pap smear is a procedure that is necessary to check for abnormalities and cervical cancer. A pap smear may be done at an annual exam when you go to the gynecologist. This is done relatively quickly and is often times painless. However, you may experience a menstrual type cramp while the doctor gets the sample. The doctor may use a small, soft brush to obtain the sample from your cervix.

Vitamin A is very important for mucous membrane tissue, that is the tissue that lines the vagina, respiratory tract and digestive tract. It is also a powerful antioxidant to prevent free radical damage. As for the conventional approaches, I much prefer the prevention and improve immune function approach because there are no risks involved and there are many benefits.

You may wonder what exactly a Pap smear will test for. One of the most important things that this test will determine is cervical cancer. A Wills Point nurse practitioner at an east Texas health clinic will let each woman know if her results are abnormal and what else needs to be done at this point. However, an abnormal result does not guarantee that you have cancer. Sometimes, the cells can be abnormal for various other reasons and a recheck will reveal normal results.

Secondly, wear socks. For many years, I was told to relax when lying on that crackly paper on that cold doctor’s bed in a freezing cold room. It’s hard to relax when there is a metal or plastic object in your vagina and it is not foreplay. Try adding a temperature that’s several degrees below your comfort level. Simply wearing socks helps warm up your entire body and you can relax a little more.

“The best way to guarantee the eradication of abnormal cervical cells is by conization, the removal of the portion of the cervix in which they are located. But since this procedure may result in bleeding, infection, and perhaps reduce your chances of having a baby at some later date because of scarring, it should be reserved for severe cases,” Rosenfeld said.

The main reason to have a cervical smear is to monitor the health of the cervix, and to lower the number of women who contract cervical cancer. The smear is targeted to detect early strains of potentially cancerous cells. If caught in time, women’s health may not suffer terribly, and the growth of the cancer may not progress further. However, a cervical smear is just a screening process; it won’t detect all forms of cancer, all of the time.

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Question by Rebecca: Pap Smear…?
am i in danger if i haven’t had pap smear for the past 4 years? my partner and i never had sex with anyone before. do all women should undergo pap smear?

Best answer:

Answer by philygrl72
Have you ever had one?

You should be having a pap smear EVERY year regardless. This is sooooooo important.

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